10 Gorgeous Fall Flowers for Your Garden

Fall Flowers

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All garden owners want that their garden to keep blooming even after the summer and in fall seasons also. Luckily nature has gifted some awesome flowers for the fall season. Here is the list of 10 gorgeous fall flowers for your garden.

Balloon Flower:

Balloon flower belongs to the category of bell flowers. The flower is a bit dramatic in nature. They start as a puff gradually and then burst open when they are about to bloom. Coming in lavender-blue, pale pink or white colours, these flowers slowly cover the bed very quietly. No special maintenance or care is required for these plants.


Goldenrod is a flower that is usually treated as an aggravating agent for hay fever, however, this is not true. The real cause of hay fever is ragweed. Goldenrod comes in a huge variety from tall to various dwarf species that look really good on the border. This flower blooms late in the fall.

Japanese Anemone:

Japanese Anemones are a good option for perennial gardens. They bloom in late summer and live up to the frosty winter. They look like delicate white paper flowers. Initially, these flowers are difficult to grow, require care and attention but after a few years they completely settle in and no extra maintenance is required. They usually self-sow but not much violently.


Chrysanthemum is a symbol of the fall season. Huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colours exits in chrysanthemum. An incredible feature of these ‘mums’ is that they can be easily grown in pots or plant containers, so no worries for people who don’t own a garden or lawn because now can have mums on balconies as well.

Turtlehead (Chelone):

Chelone got the name of turtlehead because of its resemblance to the head of a small cute turtle. You can see this little flower blooming for up to six months. Moist and damp areas are best suited for this flower.

Helenium (Sneezeweed):

Growing helenium in your garden brings life to your lawn because butterflies are very fond of these. Looking like small rusted cornflowers, they come in very vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange. Heleniums grow very tall, so they need to be supported by some stick or cane. They are a good option for areas having low drainage.

Russian Sage:

Russian sage is another good option if you want to grow something catchy in your garden. These are a great attraction for hummingbirds and honeybees. Coming in lavender-blue flowers with silvery-white stems, Russian Sages bloom from June to September making it perfectly suitable for autumn.


Snakeroot is a wildflower actually, but it looks good in your garden in fall season due to its small white coloured flowers which grow in clusters at the end of stems. The flower stems are usually up to four ft. high while the flowers are up to 7ft. It takes some time to grow but the wait is totally worthy.


Planting Stonecrop in your garden is good for those areas especially where the climate is slightly arid. The flower comes in a huge variety of colours i.e. bluish-green, greenish-yellow, reddish-pink and off-white. They appear in late summer or in the early fall season.


Everybody is familiar with this gorgeous flower. They can achieve a height of about 10 ft. Most sunflowers are quite easy to grow provided the soil is not waterlogged. Sunflowers are usually tough and withstand heat and drought as well. They are a huge attraction to bees.

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