20 Home Improvement Projects to Improve Your Home Value

Keeping your house value high has many benefits, whether you are actively looking to sell your house or not. So, to help we have prepared a list of 20 projects to improve your home value.

Some are low cost, some are necessary while we also added some big projects that offer a high return-on-investment.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Low-Cost Improvements


Grab that brush. We are not talking here about repainting the whole house, so there is no need to spend a fortune on professional services (although that helps, too). Get a bucket of pain and look around the house. There are plenty of spots you can refresh yourself like front doors, railings, etc.

Not sure about the colors? Remember that you can always turn to Brunette for your free consultation.

2.Better lighting

Just like a fresh coat of paint, lighting can make all the difference even on a tiny budget. You can replace your old light fixtures to give the living room warmth or you could install new lights in the key areas of the kitchen.

3.Improving kitchen

The kitchen is a key factor in house value. Luckily, even low-cost projects can up your house value. For example, replacing worn off countertops which will immediately transform your kitchen or be upgrading your faucets.

4.Smart Appliances

The appeal of smart appliances is constantly growing. From installing energy-efficient, smart bulbs to thermostats that adapt to your habits. There are many options for all budgets and any of them will raise the appeal of the house.


Floors do not cost a fortune. But at the same time, they can make a huge difference in any room. For example, instead of hiding worn out patches of your old floor under a rug, you can go for the opposite. A little sanding and repolishing of the floor will bring out the character of the house. Tiles or vinyl are also great options for boosting house value but just like with painting, you should talk to a designer whenever you can.

6.Talk to professionals

We know this is not exactly a project of home improvement. But, while for you it may be the first, maybe even the only house you will sell in your life, professionals have seen it all. For example, here at Brunette Home Improvement, we have a team of experts that could advise you in terms of any home improvement project and design.

Small but necessary fixes

7.Fixing the roof

Realtors agree that in most cases a brand-new roof is not the best investment if your main concern is improving the house value. However, missing shingles or green patches of algae on your roof certainly hurts the appeal and have the potential to stop potential buyers from even coming inside. Picking out a reliable and experienced roofing contractor will help keep the cost down.

8.Improving curb appeal

It is hard to charm potential buyers with your new kitchen after a bad first impression at the front door. You don’t need much here. Something as simple as cutting the lawn or placing a nice flower pot next to the entrance is already a great starting point.

9.Freeing space

Simple, yet works incredibly. Declutter. Your living room, the hall, the garage. The more, the better. If for nothing else, free spaces allow the buyers imagine their own possessions there.

10.Clean siding

Before we move on to the larger projects let’s come back to the exterior. Siding is a good investment regardless of whether you simply clean it or installs a brand new one.

Major Projects – Big Returns

11.New windows

As far as larger projects go, new windows is a great investment. In addition to improving the looks, there is also the benefit of energy-efficiency.

  1. Basement remodel

Chances are you have tons of ready-to-use space right under your feet. It can be a spare bedroom, a home office, a gym. The options are endless.


A garage, whether a new one or an extension, won’t add value to any house in the U.S. but in a climate, such as Michigan’s, it is a sought-after feature. So, if you thought about a garage, this is as good time as ever to start planning.

14.Bathroom addition

If you have only one bathroom, adding another one is an effective way to increase home value. Best of all, a bathroom doesn’t need much space and is a relatively low-cost addition.

15.Bathroom remodeling

In general, bathrooms don’t need much in terms of remodeling. Most of what’s in there was built to last. However, if there are leaks, mold, it must be fixed. If you want to go a step further, adding heated floors or adding a double sink are great options.

17.Kitchen remodels

We already touched upon this but the star of any home is the kitchen. In fact, kitchen remodels offer one of the highest ROIs among home improvement projects. It is always best to talk to a designer, but in general, you should go for a spacious, modern kitchen. Nowadays, people want to feel like the professional chef from the TV and will be happy to pay for the pleasure.


The classic that never goes away, a patio promises pleasant hours in the fresh air with a book and a cup of tea. Plus, there is a range of options you can choose from.


In our line of business, we noticed that often clients explore the option of a personal gym room. Given the weather in Michigan, we can’t blame them.

19.Two-story addition

If you are ready to spend, you might consider a two-story addition. Whether you have plans how to use the extra space or not, doubling the square feet of the house is bound to pay off.

20.Energy-efficient siding and insulation

Don’t believe anyone who tells you, buyers, don’t care about energy-efficiency. So, any project that will save money for the future owners is a worthy investment.

As you see, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage or spend your savings to improve your house value. Sometimes even a couple of low-cost projects can completely transform the house and bring enormous value.

If you can’t make up your mind between these ideas, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a free consultation.

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