Day: December 4, 2017

HIPAA Privacy Rule

The HIPAA Privacy Rule – What is Often Confusing About Some of the Requirements?

It is very important that electronic records of the patients are safeguarded. The HIPAA Certification is a must as it…

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Android Application Development

The Best 5 Android Application to Need To Use Before 2017

With millions of different apps and 10 years of age, Android has been serving as one of the key app…

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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet : Foods to Eat and To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important time of a woman’s life. This is the time when she has to take extra…

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Top career designation

Which 5 Top career designation you should look to achieve in 2018?

In today’s growing world, it is not easy to make up everyone’s life. In order to sustain, there is a…

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Top 6 best typing software programs

The modern generation has got addicted to the use of computers. Both the young and the old have embraced the…

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Social Media Brand Managers

Mistakes That Social Media Brand Managers Should Take Care to Avoid

With more than 800 million monthly active users and growing at a scorching pace, there can be few online marketers…

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Small Business

How to Pull Your Small Business Out of Debt by Managing Your Creditors?

Running a business is risky. About 80% of the companies fail within the first 18 months, according to Bloomberg. According…

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