5 common causes of employment discrimination at the workplace

employment discrimination

Employees are often faced with workplace discrimination in the course of their working life. Many are times these cases go unreported by the victims either because they fear being reprimanded or they are simply ignorant about their rights as employees. What is workplace discrimination and when is it deemed to have occurred? Workplace discrimination occurs when an employee is treated less favorably than the other employees due to his/her background or other personal characteristics such as gender, race, physical or mental disability and age. Any form of discrimination causes trauma to the victim and that’s why federal and state laws are there to help fight this vice.

Eberstein & witherite discrimination lawyers seek to help workers facing unequal treatment due to their race, color, ethnic, religious beliefs, national origin or disability. Whether the employer violates discrimination rules knowingly or unknowingly, Eberstein & witherite attorney will always ensure the victim gets quality representation in order to obtain justice. The most common causes of employment discrimination experienced by employees are:

Retaliation- This normally happens when actions are taken against an employee who has either filed an employment discrimination claim or acted as a whistleblower.

Sex discrimination– This is one of the commonest types of discrimination. It normally occurs when an employee has been treated unfavorably due to her sexual orientation. This can be in form of denial of overtime work, wrongful dismissal, poor evaluations or outright harassment based on your gender.

Racial discrimination– The employee receives unfavorable treatment or is harassed due to her race or skin color.

Disability discrimination– people living with disabilities have a right to gainful employment just like any other. The Disability Act was put in place to protect such employees from discrimination. A case of disability discrimination arises when a disabled person has been unfairly treated, denied accommodations or is harassed because of her disability.

Age discrimination– Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects an employee from being discriminated due to their age. Employees over the age of 40 years are most affected. The law ensures these persons are not discriminated during hiring, promotion or in other terms of employment.

How do you deal with employment discrimination?

The best way of dealing with employment discrimination is filing a discrimination claim. This can be a complex process especially if you don’t have any legal background. Eberstein attorneys come in handy in such a time. The following steps should act as a guide on how to pursue an employment discrimination claim:

Contact Eberstein & Witherite attorneys to file a complaint. The attorney looks at the merit of the claim to determine if a lawsuit can be filed. It’s important to furnish the lawyers with all the important information to allow them to carry out a thorough investigation. Such claims should be filed within 180 days either in person or by mail.

If there’s evidence that there was discrimination, the lawyers will attempt to have an out of court settlement between the parties. In case the settlement fails, the lawyer is compelled to file a lawsuit on behalf of the employee for a discrimination claim.

Facing any type of discrimination at your workplace? Don’t die with the problem. Eberstein & Witherite firm is equipped with the best attorneys who will ensure your rights are protected and justice is served.

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