7 foods that every woman with oily skin should start eating

best foods for oily skin

Greasy complexion is not a dream for any woman trying to enhance their beauty. While some women are naturally blessed with the smooth glitter and shine, some are struggling to deal with their oily skin. Most of the people have always overlooked on their diet and this is the hidden solution that works.

Therefore, here are the 7 best foods for oily skin that every woman should start eating:

1. Nuts

Cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, almonds are just a few of the wide array of nuts readily available in supermarkets and shops around you and are the best foods for oily skin. You can bake or roast them, mix them with your salad or yogurt, whatever tickles your fancy. Nuts are rich in vitamin E. This vitamin is responsible for strengthening and healing the skin. This comes in handy in the event of a skin break out as vitamin E prevents scarring. Acne caused by hormonal imbalance can also be reversed by consuming nuts.

2. Green leafy vegetables

Eat lettuce, kale or spinach and your skin will thank you with glitter and shine free from much oils. Leafy greens are the best foods for oily skin and by far the most effective in turning oily skin into smooth, and flawless skin. They contain vitamin C which works as an antioxidant. It may be hard for many to enjoy eating leafy greens but with a little effort, they can be quite delicious. The trick is to mix them with other healthy foods that you already eat. For example, you can add lettuce into your salads, spinach in your stew, and kale in your morning smoothie and you are good to go.

3. Reduce sugar intake

To give you that desired glow, you have to cut down on chocolate and ice cream. This owing to the fact that increased sugar levels in our bodies are to blame for clogging of pores and inflammation. Clogged pores often lead to the infamous white heads and black heads, where as inflammation further irritates the skin. Instead opt for low sugar alternatives to binge on,for the sake of your skin. Such alternatives include, dark chocolate, dried fruit, hot cocoa drinks, chocolate flavored milk or cereal among many more. Less sugar is a worthy sacrifice if it means glowing skin, don’t you think?

4. Oats

A bowl of oats a day will keep the pimples away. Oats are rich in zinc which does an amazing job at replenishing oily skin. Zinc helps in the formation of collagen which is a crucial part of the skin. Collagen is a protein found in the skin as well as bones and muscles throughout the body. Oily skin tends to contain very low collagen and hence its presence translates to healthy looking, enviable skin.

5. Eat fish

There’s the misconstrued notion that oily foods will give you oily skin. Quite the contrary, I must say. Salmon for instance may be oily, but it does wonders for oily skin. Fish contain omega-3 fats that help keep sebum producing molecules under control.Part of the skin contains sebaceous glands which are tasked with the production of an oily substance otherwise known as sebum.Other foods like avocado and flax seed are a good alternative to fish as they contain oils that are equally beneficial for oily skin. They are known to monitor sebum levels which is good news for people with oily skin.

6. Water

Many may argue that water doesn’t qualify as food, but it is just as important as the aforementioned foods. Without water your skin won’t be as appealing as you would want. Consumption of at least eight glasses or 1.8 liters a day helps the skin look fresh and vibrant. Once you have successfully eliminated oil from your skin, you want it to look plump and bright and that’s where water comes in.

7. Cucumber

Besides its hydrating nature, cucumbers are excellent toners and hence are the best foods for oily skin. They contain just as much PH levels as that of normal skin.Eat fresh, raw cucumbers to hydrate, or rub freshly cut cucumber on your clean face. Cucumbers soften and sooth oily skin leaving it nourished and feeling fresh.

In your quest for youthful, flawless skin, it is advisable to stick to one regimen. Trust the process and give it time to work. You will not see significant change in a day. The goal is to maintain healthy habits that will see oily skin turn into beautiful skin. Resist the urge to try different products on your skin, all at the same time. This will only worsen the situation leaving you with an even bigger problem.

You can also check on healthy diet for women so that you can balance your lifestyle and live a healthy life free of skin and other health problems.

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