Why Should You Always Use The Right Hashtag for Your Instagram Posts?

Instagram Posts

Instagram is a highly effective form of social media provided you use it smartly. That is why Instagram hashtags are so relevant. Hashtags will help you in managing and looking for proper content to be posted on Instagram. They make things easier for your targeted audience to locate you and then add more interest towards your shares. Studies have shown that adding even one hashtag to your Instagram posts can increase more than 12% engagement. In this article, you will learn about why it is important to use hashtags to your Instagram posts.

Expanding Your Reach:

The best thing about hashtags is in their capability to find a variety of people who do not have much to do with the account you have or even follow you specifically on Instagram.

How Instagram Hashtags Function?

Suppose a user looks for a term like ‘gardening.’ Instagram then will present them with latest photos containing the keyword ‘gardening.’ By using a hashtag like #gardening, Instagram will be able to show your post every time someone searches for that term. So, you need to hashtag your posts with the related keywords. Use those words and those terms which you think that Instagram users will be looking for. Use the ‘#’ symbol before your word without any punctuation, then keep it short and use mostly letters and some numbers.

Best Hashtags on Instagram:

Do not use random hashtags. Pick out popular hashtags to locate the correct audience suitable for your business purposes. Use keywords which are likely to be searched for by your target audience. Look for those keywords which work best for you. It takes time to locate the right hashtags, but some methods include: checking out what hashtags your competitors are using for marketing their business or test different hashtags and then evaluate the results. It is necessary to increase followers for Instagram to expand the business. If your followers are less, then there is a high possibility that you will not be able to succeed.

Make the best out of hashtags which are trending:

If an event is happening somewhere, then hashtags are often created. Try to associate your post with such trending hashtags. This will increase the likelihood of you being seen by users who have been following this specific item of news. You must look out for when certain hashtags are becoming popular and then post your content by using those hashtags. This will help you get viewed by many new users who are looking for that hashtag.


Instagram is a vital part of social media marketing today. Instagram can drive social media traffic to your website in huge numbers. Using hashtags judiciously is a sure shot way of increasing your followers and your traffic. Be sure to put relevant, appropriate hashtags with your posts to drive your followers more towards your website.

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