The Best 5 Android Application to Need To Use Before 2017

Android Application Development

With millions of different apps and 10 years of age, Android has been serving as one of the key app platforms ruling the hearts of the users. However, Google Play has acquired considerable amount of lime light in few years thanks to its proliferation of apps living up to the consumer’s needs of all sorts. Eventually giving Android Application Development a higher notch in the industry.

Mentioned here is a list of some of the best android apps you need to consider:

Google Keep:

Everyone wants to be organized and keep tabs on the important things in life. At times, a simple note-taking application is everything you need in this regard and what can be better than Google Keep for the purpose. It allows the users to create notes, integrate text, pictures, and checklists. Moreover, it can allow the users to transcribe audio notes too. It is also possible to set timeand location-based reminders to the notes. You can create a backup pf everything online and get them listed in reverse-chronological order for an instant access from the website as well as on Android devices.


If you like to read different articles online, this is just the right app for you. The app helps the users to save an article that can be read later. This widely used browser extension that is also effective in bookmark let brings ease of people’s life especially those of the researchers as they can easily save any of the web page in this app in just a few clicks. When they want to re-access the articles, just open the file in Pocket for an organized, clutter-free, ad-free experience. Moreover, you do not need a working internet connection for that, which makes it perfect for catching up when you’re out and about or while on vacation.


Yelp has been serving as an unrivalled app when you’re trying to find an eatery or any leisure activity. Each business page is stacked with user-rated recommendations, operating hours, and guidelines, other necessary details. There’s a knack to translating the real reviews— such as some users are very much sensitive to inconvenience or service catastrophes. However, Yelp is an essential to your phone.


The first app that comes to mind when one thinks about navigation is Google Maps, but it is best when you want to have a very basic navigation. When are heading towards a jam-packed city or going to a road trip on a busy route, waze is a must-use. The application depends on its users for an insight into the traffic jams, speed traps, as well as the closures, so you can get a different route before being trapped on the expressway that you would have possibly avoided.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This is the best app for the people using Google’s Chrome browser on their Mac, and Desktop PCs. All you need to do is to just install the application on your computer’s browser and create a PIN using which you can later on view and control the PC from your Android device. The app is a great shortcut to keep a check on the file that is being downloaded or access any missed attachment when on the go.

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