Tresor de Lancome is a fragrant symbol of love, a delightful “treasure” of women’s perfumes

LancomeTresor for women

LancomeTresor for women:

Perfumed water Tresor Eau de Perfume, toilet water Tresor Eau de Toilette and perfume TresorExtrait de Parfum by Lancôme – created on 1990 year

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The perfume of Tresor de Lancome is a fragrant symbol of love, the legendary classic of women’s perfumery, the delightful “treasure” created by the French House LANCOME for “the most precious moments” of life. “Tresor” is an aroma with impeccable exquisite charm, romantic and emotional. Ultra-sensual, sensual and sexual spirits have the power to attract men, who certainly want to hug a woman, enveloped in the shining aura Trezor from Lankom.

The cult aroma of TRESOR, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2010, is rightfully one of the ten most popular female fragrances in the history of the perfume industry.

The author of a soft oriental flower composition with a rich sweet fruit and amber-powder filling is the perfumer Sophia Grojsman. “Tresor is a love potion, a promise of eternal love,” she said. The main embodiment of such high feelings in the aroma Sofia chose rose notes (Rose Otto – essential oil from the petals of the Damascus Rose) – a timeless symbol of love, the emblem of the House of Lancome , and the peach.

In the process of development, the perfume was called “Hug-Me”, or “Hold Me”. Then he was given a beautiful aroma same name long forgotten vintage flavor houses Lancôme (first Tresor was created in the 50s (one version in 1952, on the other – 1957) perfumer Jean Hevelinom (Jane Hervelin)).

The composition of Lancôme Tresor is unique in its construction. The traditional three-level pyramid is united in harmony, where the notes of the so-called “top” and “heart” merge (there is no initial note, but a note of the heart is immediately felt), being in infinite interaction, with each other.

Slightly frightening with its emotionality, audacious strength and passion, the discovery of Trezor, fragrant with a thick fruity harmony from the juicy flowering of apricot, the half-tones of pineapple and white halo of peach flowers, intertwining in love ecstasy with luxuriously exhilarating sweet, silky notes of roses. Gradually revealing, the fragrance becomes more muted, acquiring the features of elegant refinement and femininity. Refreshing purity of the lily of the valley, powdery iris, heliotrope, jasmine and sweet lilacs delicately envelop the romantic “heart” of LancomeTresor, seducing with amazing tenderness. The infinitely beautiful, sensual final chord of the composition, captivating longevity and exquisite sexual train of which make it a truly unforgettable “treasure”, is woven of warm notes of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and amber. (Trezor’s toilet water differs in a more subtle, “heavenly” sound.) It consists of: peach, rose, black currant, lilac, magnolia, sandalwood, vanilla).

The unusual design of the bottle by LancomTresor was developed by Charles Boussiquet. The bottle, made of transparent glass, has the shape of an inverted step pyramid, in the depths of which pulses the perfumery liquid of amber-peach color, awakening the sacred trembling of a loving heart. The neck of the bottle is hidden under a smooth black necklace-ring, symbolizing love. Completeness of the construction gives a faceted cap, reminiscent of a precious stone.

One of the factors of the crazy popularity of Tresor’s fragrance was a successful advertising company with the participation of world-class stars. The Italian film actress and model Isabella Rossellini (Isabella Rossellini) , at that time the official advertising face of the cosmetics products brand LANCOME (from 1982 to 1996), became the ideal embodiment of a sensual feminine perfume.

Since 1996, Isabella Rossellini was replaced by the Spanish model and actress Ines Sastre (Ines Sastre). Her ten-year cooperation with the French company as the “face” of Tresor Lancôme was the longest to date.

Its 20th anniversary, the legendary female perfume was celebrated along with the luxurious and seductive Penelope Cruz. The famous actress in October 2010 was declared the official “face” of the brand TRESOR.

Under the guidance of the fashion photographer and director Mario Testino, a new commercial was shot. Filming advertising took place in the summer of 2010 at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. In the exciting moments of waiting and meeting with the beloved Penelope Cruz accompanied by a familiar tune. A remake of the original musical theme Tresor (author Michel Portal), specially for the sister made the Spanish composer and musician Eduardo Cruz. To the magic chorus of violins was added a passionate batch of Spanish guitar.

The first flanker of the cult perfume masterpiece LANCOME appeared only after 15 years. Summer refreshes have been created with finer and clearer harmony – Tresor Sheer Eau de Printemps (2006), Tresor Eau Legere Sheer (2008), Tresor Sheer Fragrance (2009) , and the mischievous and sparkling champagne variation Tresor Sparkling (2007). By the 20 th anniversary of the “Treasure” was presented a collection of the edition of the fragrance (20 bottles) – TresorDiamant Noir (2010). The novelties of 2011 – Tresor Edition Limitee Fete des Meres (the issue is created in honor of Mother’s Day) and TresorL’AbsoluDesir.

In 2010, Lankom launched a modern, young generation-oriented interpretation of the classic Treasure – sensual floral-fruity fragrance “Tresorin Love”. Young actress Emma Watson (Emma Watson) in September 2011 introduced a new jewel, encrusted in a rich diadem of Tresor – seductive and bold spirits Tresor Midnight Rose.

The fragrance was published in the concentration of perfumed water ( Tresor Eau de Parfum ), toilet water ( Tresor Eau de Toilette ), perfume ( TresorExtrait de Parfum ) and elixir ( Tresor Elixir (created in 2007 )).

Tresor is a fragrance for women who value time and life. Tresor is an endless fragrance that causes hearts to beat more often.

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