Bhoj Tal (Lower Lake): Everything You Should Know

Bhoj Tal

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, has a mesmerizing fusion of God’s natural creations as well as historical artifacts. There are lots of wonderful breath-taking creations in Bhopal. Out of all such gifts of nature, the Lower Lake in Bhopal has a major contribution. People may believe it or not, this lake forms an integral part of the Bhopal city. In fact, it has been announced as the internationally acclaimed wetland of India. From small weekend trips to soothing evening strolls, from energizing morning walks to a fun filled tourist escape, this lake creates a charming and inspiring impact on every soul always make a positives thought before go that kind of palace.

The Lower Lake or Bhoj Tal is also known as Chhota Talaab. The history of this Lower Lake is about two hundred years old. It was built in the year 1794 under the supervision of Chote Khan, a minister of the kingdom of Nawab Hayat Mohd Khan.Currently, pollution has gradually depleted all the water of Lower Lake. However,preventive measures are being taken by government officials to keep it pure and healthy. Even Madhya Pradesh Government wishes to make this wetland a great tourist spot for all foreigners visiting Bhopal.

The beautiful lake is surrounded by human accommodations on all sides and hence can be easily accessed from all parts of the city. There also few stories to this kind temple, each of them which, corresponds to a geometrical figure! The delicate carvings on the unfinished of the temple walls help in balancing out the straight features of the otherwise geometrical structure. The temple of Bhojpur is not only revered for its architectural wonder as well, but also this because it is considered to be very very should Do make sure that and also visit this temple once during your trip to Bhopal.

How can you reach Lower Lake?

It is very easy to reach this beautiful wetland. From the railway station, it is just 10 minutes’ drive. Any taxi or auto person shall guide you directly to the location. There are hundreds of good hotels of Bhopal located near Lower Lake giving a serene view of the lake.

Let us know some facts about Lower Lake:

  • It is a manmade lake.
  • It is at the east of Upper Lake.
  • This wetland has a super catchment area of 9.6 km square.
  • Earlier, there were many wells at this location, which were used by locals to draw water for agricultural purposes.
  • This wetland emerged when River Kolans was interrupted by constructing an earthen dam, resulting in lake formation.
  • There are flocks of beautiful birds coming here and their migration forms an eco-system.

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