10 Things you Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Travel Insurance

Buying Travel Insurance

Traveling is undoubtedly among the best things you can do in your life. Exploring new places and living new experiences will allow you to catch a glimpse of this wonderful world. However, travel is never without risks and you should be prepared for any eventuality by ensuring you have the right travel insurance. That is why when you are making your travel plans online, you should also look to buy travel insurance online.

Typically, travel insurance covers or will reimburse most of the expenses (conditions applied) that you would incur if you or your traveling companion suffers an injury or falls sick in a manner that you are not able to take your scheduled trip. But not every circumstance is covered. Hence, to avoid any surprises, here is what you should keep in mind before taking out a travel insurance policy.

  1. Trip duration exceptions

Different travel insurance policy providers have their own variations on the number of consecutive days abroad are covered by the policy. Even a day over the limit set by the policy will invalidate your travel insurance policy.

  1. Check if your destination is on the list

Just like the variation on the number of days abroad, there are some destinations that certain travel insurance policies may not cover. Mostly, these destinations are those that have a certain illness rampant or are considered unsafe for travelers. However, different insurers maintain individual lists of excluded destinations, so when you want to buy travel insurance online, this is perhaps the first thing you should check.

  1. Be honest about your medical conditions

When you are buying travel insurance, you need to understand that it is in a way similar to your health insurance. Hence, you need to provide complete details of preexisting health conditions. Failure to do so will invalidate the policy.

  1. Type of holiday matters too

If you are looking forward to an adventurous holiday that includes events such as scuba diving, paragliding or bungee jumping, you will need to specifically check with the travel insurance provider if these activities are covered. While you may find the travel insurance policy that covers such activities, most policies will exclude hazardous activities.

  1. Check the claim policy

In case of any untoward incident, you need to know what amount of the actual expense you incur will you be able to claim. Whether it is losing your baggage or bearing the costs of an injury while traveling, different policies have different claim limits that you should be aware of.

  1. You should be reasonably careful

Almost all travel insurance policies will require you to exercise reasonable care of your belongings. If your belongings get lost or damaged due to personal negligence and not by any accident, you may not be entitled to the insurance coverage.

  1. Filing of theft report

In case of theft, most travel insurance policies will require you to report the theft to the local police within a stipulated timeframe to be able to claim the damages from the insurance policy. Also, make sure the insurance provider has a hotline where you can report the theft right away.

  1. Missed flights

It is important to note that most travel insurance policies will not cover missed flights. This implies that you will not be covered for new flight fares. While some policies may provide coverage if you can furnish plausible evidence that you missed the flight for no fault of yours, there are some reservations and restrictions. Hence, it is better to keep this option out of consideration.

  1. Influence of alcohol and drugs

Most travel insurance policies do not offer coverage for accidents or property loss and damage when you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. So, while you maybe on a holiday and looking to de-stress and relax, it is best not to expect your travel insurance policy to cover mishaps under influence.

  1. Plan for cancellation coverage

While you definitely can buy your travel insurance policy right before you set off, it is recommended to buy the policy when you book your trip. That way, any future cancellation of the trip may be covered if the circumstance is listed in the policy document.

As is evident, even the best travel insurance policy online will have its own reservations on the items that can be covered by the insurance, and these should be kept in mind while choosing a policy.

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