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Human Machine Interface

An Insider’s Guide to Human Machine Interface

Technology has been reaching its pinnacle day by day. With the series of advancement in every field, industrial automation has…

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cloud service provider

The Fear of the Cloud

Gartner studies indicate that public cloud adoption is estimated to grow 18% in 2017, worldwide. And cloud adoption strategies will…

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Top 6 best typing software programs

The modern generation has got addicted to the use of computers. Both the young and the old have embraced the…

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finance app development

What mistakes start-ups make in developing apps?

Mistakes made by start-ups during the development of apps may result into big damages. Many are shut down even before…

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instagram followers

5 Points to consider When Seeking Customers for Ecommerce Success on Instagram

October 6th, 2017 will mark 7 years since Instagram was launched. The mere fact that you have heard of IG-as…

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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization Tips

App Store optimization is as important as app development hence, it becomes very important for every online business to be…

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How to Find a Great Employee on LinkedIn

Employee registered themselves into the LinkedIn and want to get maximum output and get a dream job. It is right…

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New WhatsApp Update Will Let You ‘Unsend’ Messages

If you’ve ever sent a drunk or mistaken IM, you’ll be happy to hear that WhatsApp is considering a new…

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