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Similar Apps like Share it

Sharing file among friends, neighbours and other people is very common for today’s Smartphone users. Shareit is the most popular…

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How Advertising works and How much can be Earned with a Website?

Probably you have raised at some point how to make money with online ads on your blog (any other type…

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Mobile App Development

IoT and Its Influence on Mobile App Development

“The Internet of Things Will Drive Wireless Connected Devices to 40.9 Billion in 2020.” stated by ABI Research The Internet…

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Human Machine Interface

An Insider’s Guide to Human Machine Interface

Technology has been reaching its pinnacle day by day. With the series of advancement in every field, industrial automation has…

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cloud service provider

The Fear of the Cloud

Gartner studies indicate that public cloud adoption is estimated to grow 18% in 2017, worldwide. And cloud adoption strategies will…

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Android Application Development

The Best 5 Android Application to Need To Use Before 2017

With millions of different apps and 10 years of age, Android has been serving as one of the key app…

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Social Media Brand Managers

Mistakes That Social Media Brand Managers Should Take Care to Avoid

With more than 800 million monthly active users and growing at a scorching pace, there can be few online marketers…

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mobile app

Major Elements to Include in a Mobile App Design

Mobile app development is a competitive market where there are millions of apps, just one click away from getting downloaded….

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Search Operators for SEO

A Guide to Using Advanced Search Operators for SEO

If you haven’t been living under a rock since the past decade or so you probably know that Google is…

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finance app development

What mistakes start-ups make in developing apps?

Mistakes made by start-ups during the development of apps may result into big damages. Many are shut down even before…

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