Compulsory Voting Is Needed For A Healthy Democracy

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Democracy is defined as – of the people, by the people and for the people. Each preposition is equally important in this definition. That means voting is not just a right of a citizen it is also duty. If we talk about India, then only a small percentage of total population vote during the elections. So now the democracies should make voting compulsory so that the leaders who get elected deserve to lead the nation. There are many things like people has  visit the booth for voting, sensitive booths, corruption among officials and many more issues which usually prevented the people from voting. But now Right2vote Infotech has come up with online voting app which will enable people to vote from comfort of their home. This will help the democracies a lot in making voting compulsory.


  • Giving the people the right to vote is not enough. They should know whom they are voting. Our app makes the people politically literate. That means people must have knowledge about their position with respect to the social issues, empowerment, and many other aspects of growth and development.
  • Today if we look at the electoral process of India then we find that there are huge gaps between urban and rural areas of India. The growth aspects and issues of these places are completely different. By the usage of online voting tool people has to be made literate about their aspects. Only after that voting should be made compulsory.
  • There are many countries like Australia which mandates that voting is compulsory. All these countries are doing well in every aspect especially in economic front. If democracies like India wants to compete with these countries, then they have to make voting compulsory for every citizen and for such a large country only with the help of online voting website this could be possible.
  • By research it has been found that sometimes low turnout of voters has caused unworthy candidates to secure a victory. The low turnout of voters is due to many reasons like some of them may not be present in the country or some may not be in good health or some may simply feel lazy to go to the booth. Whatever may be reason, it could be easily resolved by implementing online voting system.
  • Today huge amount is spent in campaigning for elections and for encouraging people to vote. For polling stations and officials who conduct the election process a large amount is spent. This could be saved if voting is made compulsory and online voting system is used.


If democracies want to reflect true hopes and aspirations of their population then they should make voting compulsory for every citizen. Those people who don’t bother to visit the voting booth often cite excuses of not having enough time. Right2vote has come up with online voting tool which will abolish not only genuine issues of the public but it also serves with the remedy for all such excuses.

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