Exercise Routine To Lose Weight At Home

Lose Weight At Home

Who did not want to take shape training from home comfortably? I will not deny it, I was one of them, and I got it by training and feeding myself well. Moreover, today I want to help you by bringing an exercise routine to lose weight at home in this article.

However, we must take into account several aspects before, which I will highlight. For starters, any training focused on making you lose weight should be a support. A support? Yes, exactly, because exercise is the crutch that we must support in any system of weight loss.

Although this exercise routine to lose weight at home is useful, the greatest effort should be focused on food. Following a diet high in calories and poorly structured nutritionally, can even lead us to gain more weight. Sad but true.

However, I will give you a series of basic nutritional guidelines to help you.

Nutritional guidelines prior to slimming training:

First, we must know what our basal metabolic rate is. In this article, you are explained what it is about for those people who still do not know it. Having understood its basis, the next question is to apply it.

That is, if we know that the amount of calories we must take is 2,000 to maintain, that amount should be reduced. Moreover, yes, the caloric reduction, among other issues, is what will make us lose weight.

The feeding, supposes the way by which we contribute to the body calories / energy. If we overdo what we eat, however much this weight-loss exercise routine at home serves. We will achieve nothing.

Nevertheless, it’s not just a matter of calories. In addition, we should pay attention to the type of them. For example, proteins will help us repair damaged muscle tissue and create new ones. The fat, in addition to being defenders of our body, stimulates the creation of anabolic hormones. In addition,carbohydrates will be the energy that our body needs to operate.

But, now, in what proportions do we take them? In general, if we want to lose weight, I recommend the following amounts: 50-56% of carbohydrates, 30% of proteins, and 20-30% of fats.

Again I qualify in what is a general recommendation, and not valid in all cases. For a more thorough supervision, I recommend you go to a nutritionist / dietitian. He will be able to help you more in this type of questions.

Now, I’m going to go into more stuff, and explain this exercise routine to lose weight at home.

Why is this routine a good option to exercise at home?

The question is required. Every exercise routine at home should try to be the easiest thing for everyone to do. In addition, when I refer to easy, in this case, I do it so that we are all in a position to carry it out.

For me, who have been designing homemade training routines for years with best treadmills, I see several fundamental points. Among them, that do not include exercises with a lot of expensive and bulky material. Why? These devices are not usually the ones that everyone tells about in their homes.

This training routine at home today, as you will see, only includes exercises with our body weight. And believe me, that following the steps that I indicate you, we will be able to burn a great amount of fat.

On the other hand, it is perfect for people who exercise at home for another reason: time. It is noted, a routine in which we should be 2h training to finish it. Nothing is further from reality, because in about 30 minutes we will have finished it.

And after having highlighted these issues, we are going full time with this exercise routine to lose weight at home.

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