Factor to Keep in Mind When Selecting Brass Terminal Manufacturers

Brass Terminal Manufacturers

Brass is one of the most popular components for battery terminals. There are certain applications where only brass terminals can give us the desired functionality, such as marine applications. The unique qualities of brass make it ideal for brass terminals. This makes brass terminal manufacturers one of the most in-demand suppliers.

Brass is ideal for battery terminals because of its many unique properties. It is highly resistant to corrosion, which is a plus when dealing with acidic components of a battery. It also makes very low resistance battery connection. Brass is also extremely durable, able to withstand a wide variety of environments for a long time.

There are different types of brass terminals. These often have tin plating that provides added protection against corrosion. Other plating options include natural, nickel etc.

Straight barrel:

This is one of the most commonly seen battery terminal type. Its popularity lies in its flexibility — it allows crimping as well as soldering. It can be used with almost any cable.

Wing nut:

These terminals allow free movement of connecting cable, so that it can be removed and reaffixed easily. Hence, it is usually used wherever we have to often disconnect the battery.

Split barrel:

This type of terminal allows for a very specific cable configuration. It is configured according to the function, conductivity requirement and protection against corrosion.

Solderless brass terminals:

These are extremely easy to install as these do not need solder lugs or crimping tools. It has built-in bolts that keep the cable in position. These are just some of the terminals in use. Other terminal include auto terminals like Lucas, Angel, Ship and Strip

Selecting brass terminal manufacturers:

With its heavy usability, there are many industries where brass battery terminal are applicable, from the automobile industry to the shipping industry. These are literally the nuts and bolts of our overall construction. So, it’s important that the manufacturer is selected carefully. A faulty part will result in the unraveling of the entire construction.


Above we have listed just a few popular types that are used in different industries. But there are many others still left. So, be sure about what you need before looking for a manufacturer. Carefully consider all design aspects to find the terminal that will fit all your requirements. For instance, in barrel type, identify if you need straight, parallel, or elbow.

Ease of use:

Some instruments may need easy use, especially where terminals are disconnected frequently. In such cases, the user must be able to do this with ease and as many times as required. Constructions like wing type are ideal for this. So, if ease of use is an important criteria, keep this factor in mind. If, on the other hand, the connection is pretty much permanent, this is not an important criteria.


If you need an order of an industrial scale, the ability to mass produce is important. Always check the scale of production of any supplying company, their ability to ranch up production at short notice, backups etc. After all, timely supplies ensure that your own ability to scale up can be maintained. You can also keep a few alternative manufacturers in mind if you feel that your own need may scale up soon.


When it comes to industrial supplies, this is an important criteria. A close location means that you can get your deliveries quickly and with the least amount of hassle. It will also allow you to personally visit your contact in case of an emergency. Easy distribution may also bring down the costs. However, a number of firms today (including small firms) have an excellent distribution system.


Brass terminals are the small pieces that bring together the larger construction. That is why their specific design is so significant. Even within the larger types mentioned above, there may be smaller variations in size, threads, girth etc. This could defer from one battery to another in highly specialized construction. In such cases we need high customisation of parts. So, look for a manufacturer who has the tools to ensure quick customisation of designs.


For precautionary and safety reasons it is important to check that our chosen brass terminal manufacturer has all the required certifications, such as compliance with ISO standards.

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