Your financial freedom begins with the BankBazaar Mobile App

BankBazaar Mobile App

Often times, availing a financial product can be a confusing and time intensive task. Moreover, the type of financial product you choose could determine your financial well being. It is of paramount importance to choose these products wisely in order to manage your finances well. With the BankBazaar mobile app, not only can you compare and know about products in the app, you can also apply for one with ease. Its paperless concept also makes it a pleasurable experience to avail financial products in this platform.

Briefly, the BankBazaar app can be used for the following:

  • You can check your eligibility for a particular loan or credit card and apply for the same instantaneously.
  • If you have applied for a loan, you can track the status of the same in BankBazaar’s app.
  • The Personal Finance section in the app allows you to track your bank balance as well as the previous five transactions made with the bank.
  • The app allows you to check your credit score for free. Knowing your credit score is extremely important to apply for a loan or credit card.
  • MICR and IFSC codes can be checked with ease using BankBazaar’s app.
  • Fuel prices across major cities in the country are showcased in this app as well.
  • Gold and silver prices are updated on regular basis. You can view trends and invest in these metals accordingly.
  • The Finance 101 feature allows users to stay updated with quick financial tips and latest finance news.
  • Complicated EMI calculations made easy with the EMI Calculator.

The unbiased and customer centric app that BankBazaar provides helps one choose the right type of product for themselves, according to one’s requirements. With a huge database of information and the feature to compare several financial products, BankBazaar’s app is the app to visit for a detailed overview of a specific product. The app gives you a detailed insight on several financial products like credit cards, personal loans, home loans, car loans and fixed deposits. Apart from just providing information, the app has an EMI calculator that helps you manage finances in the event that you opt for a loan. This has proven to be very beneficial for individuals in managing their finances while repaying a loan.

Mobile App

Interestingly, the app also keeps track of your bank balance, credit card bill payments and EMIs helping you manage your personal finances with ease. BankBazaar offers this app free of cost and is available on both iOS and android devices. Using this app will benefit an individual in, not only managing finances well, but also updates one on the latest financial news and products.

BankBazaar also offers free credit scores to individuals, one of the first companies in India to do so. It would cost an individual more than Rs.1000 if he/she goes through another source to check their credit scores. This can help a person assess if he/she is eligible to avail a loan before applying for one, as applying for a loan with a low credit score will get it rejected. In addition, getting a loan rejected will cause your credit score to deplete even further.

The app also updates financial news on a regular basis that helps one stay up to date with the financial trends in the country. BankBazaar’s app also provides regular updates of gold and silver prices. This permits an individual to study the trend and gauge whether it is a good idea to invest in these metals at a particular point in time.

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