Five easy points to remember while designing a WordPress site to ace search results

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When you are on WordPress, the SEO comes as an unsaid package. WordPress themes are beautifully apt for all kinds of optimization strategies. It is one of the strongest platforms that finds versatile use in a designer’s everyday life. The ideal website should be good looking and easy to use.

Every day, we chance upon websites that are beautiful but extremely confusing or sites that are superbly informative but a bucketload of ugly. It is the primary duty of website designers to come up with designs that appeal to the aesthetics and suffices the need of the hour.

According to the experts at Tayloright, here are a few of the most basic tips that can help you design a functional and useful site using WordPress –

Pay attention to your branding:

When your website, banner, and logo do not look similar, it can be confusing for the visitors and the customers. For example – McDonald’s aces branding. The brand uses the same red and yellow (McDonald’s Red and McDonald’s Yellow) everywhere they use the logo or use the brand name. This should be a standard practice for B2B and B2C websites as it conveys consistency. Images, fonts, iconography and color tones should bear the same consistency throughout all branding efforts.

Simplify the look:

A website should not be a puzzle. People visit websites in their leisure time, or they visit sites to purchase products and services, they usually do not have the patience to decipher cryptographs. You need to use simple visual cues. With WordPress, using visual hierarchy to create an easy navigation guide is much easier than before. You can keep all the main headers extra bold and align special categories or sections in the sidebars. Most mobile-friendly WordPress themes also come with a live search option that makes looking for specific menus, items and products a lot simpler. Always remember, a website has to showcase a lot of information. Therefore, keep the layout as simple as possible.

Make your CTAs impossible to miss:

The primary goal of any good website is to sell their products and services. Once you have attracted your visitors to your site, you need to tell them where to go next and what to do next. This step requires a strong call to actions. Many of us mistake CTA as the final “buy” button or “Add to Cart” button. However, even the first page can have CTAs. “Learn More,” “Contact Us,” and even subscription options are a call to actions for all websites. They should be in the forefront during the initial design phase, and designers should not add them as an afterthought.

Set up SEO strategies from Day #1

Search engine optimization is not an option. Although with WordPress SEO comes quite naturally as an inherent quality, teams of designers do need to put in some amount of effort to optimize their sites as per the most recent Google algorithm updates. Using plug-ins like Yoast and All in One SEO Pack always makes the job a whole lot easier for WordPress users. Nonetheless, it is essential to have a working strategy for your website optimization that evolves with the changing demands of the leading search engine updates.

Here are a few things you can check yourself to ensure the best practices for your site SEO right now –

  • All the images should have alt tags and descriptions with keywords in them.
  • Your images should not be too large. You can use professional image compression plug-ins to resize the images for faster loading time.
  • Your website content should have plenty of internal linking to keep the users on your site. Having robust internal linking makes a site self-sufficient.

It all boils down to UX:

Websites are all about user experience. At the end of the day, if your website fails to attract people, it is simply not serving its purpose. Very simply, your site is an investment, and it should give you good returns in the form of traffic and conversion rate. Now, a great website with impressive UX should have an intuitive, responsive layout and a brilliant user experience. When a site is capable of entertaining users on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones equally, it is capable of offering excellent user experience to each device user. This is only possible when the designer starts thinking like a user while rendering the website elements and the layouts. A simple element of your website may hold a significant value for your user, and you need to evaluate it from the vantage point of your user to understand it!

Any website that uses WordPress has the inherent potential to be beautiful, useful and innovative. You need to pay attention to your target users, instead of going with the trends to create the perfect blend of elegant design and functionality.

Author bio: Maria Jones is a website strategist and adviser working with some reputed companies across the USA. Her work with tayloright has opened the window of opportunity for small businesses to create their mark in the world of digital marketing.

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