Hiring Remote DBA Experts to Implement SQL Server Database Backup Encryption

Remote DBA Experts

Now more than ever, hackers are making news for a number of reasons, including infiltration of major social media websites, retail websites, entertainment conglomerates, movie studies, political campaigns, etc. Some of the headlines can however be quite misleading.

The truth is that a majority of the cases of breaches in security in the digital space are the representation of a type of crime that is very familiar and as old as the first human technology. It has been reported that among the top four avenues through which security breaches occurred was stolen and lost devices.

In addition to that, related reports found that the loss and theft of devices in the recent years was the cause of more than 66 percent of all data breaches in the healthcare sector. That means that a lot of what media reports as hacks could be more accurately referred to as theft.

This is an essential fact when database programming experts at your remote DBA service provider are reviewing the security of your business database. The good news is that one universal solution exists for securing all your business data: encryption.

Understanding SQL Server Database Backup Encryption:

If you’re like most other small business owners that have e-commerce websites, your entire enterprise relies on millions of rows and a large volume of data. That is a huge responsibility that is best left to a highly specialized remote DBA service provider such as remotedba.com.

In addition to ensuring that your business data is secure, the team of remote DBAs is also tasked with making sure that the whole system runs efficiently and at an optimal level of performance. In the event that the database crashes, it is the job of your team of remote DBAs to revive the system and restore the data, all whilst minimizing the impact the crash has on the business.

Encryption — Protecting Your Business Data:

Essentially, encryption is the process used to encode and decode information. Organizations, including businesses and governments, that have sensitive information have for a long time used cryptographic protocols (secret codes) to protect the information and restrict access to a selected group of individuals.

As the owner of a business that has an online presence, encryption for you entails two main aspects: data-at-rest and data-in-motion. As the names suggest, the concept of data-in-motion refers to the transmission and receipt of files and data across a network, most commonly the internet.

Closing Thoughts:

Difficult as it may be, it is imperative that, as an e-commerce site owner, you carry out adequate research to find out the latest technology used to ensure security of your business data online. Only by educating yourself on these can you compare prospective remote DBA service providers and determine which one can offer the best services with respect to security.

By identifying and hiring a team of highly qualified and experienced remote DBAs, you can be sure that your data is secure from hackers, no matter how sophisticated their hacking methods are.


Sujain Thomas has worked as a senior database administrator in the IT industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to database management. Learn more at remotedba.com.

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