Home Remedies for Ear infections

Ear infections

If you have suffered from an ear infection, or if you have a child that is currently suffering from this condition, then you will agree with me that it could really be a challenging and disturbing situation to be in. This condition is also sometimes referred to as middle ear infection. The anatomy of the ear consists of the inner ear, middle ear, and outer ear. Germs can easily penetrate and infect the ear. Within the middle ear, there is a small air receptacle located at the back of the eardrum. This has the tendency to be infiltrated by germs. This then causes the ear to fill up with pus. The buildup of this could also be very painful. Ear infections mostly affect children, and are not contagious. The primary symptoms include; pain in the ear, fiver or migraine, and difficulty in earring.

Finding convectional treatment to ear infections could be tedious sometimes, but if your child or anyone around you has ear infection, there are some home remedies for ear infections that work. They have been proven times without number from time immemorial to offer satisfying relief from ear infection. Most of the materials you will be using are already available in your kitchen or the local grocery store nearest to you. Below are some home remedies that you can use to treat ear infection.

Onion Treatment:

This one of the many effective home remedies for ear infections; all you have to do is to warm grated onion in the microwave, and then drop the juice into the ear with a dropper. A few drops would do. This has an immediate effect, as the child could stop crying and fall asleep. This should be done on a regular basis for a very good result.

Lemon Juice Treatment:

For a pretty bad or severe ear infection, one of the good home remedies for ear infections that you can also adopt is to squeeze lemon juice and drop some drops into the ear, let it stay for a few seconds, then allow it to drain out. You can use a mild towel for this or a cotton ball. The main reason for using lemon juice is that it is acidic, and the bacteria in the ear can only perform optimally in alkaline condition. So the lemon juice helps to reduce the pH in the ear, making it almost impossible for bacteria to thrive.

Mango Leaf Juice:

This is a good home remedy that can be use for ear infection. Just extract the juice of the mango leaf. You can achieve this by crushing and pressing. Warm the resulting juice and apply the drops to the ear. You can apply four drops of this to your painful ear.

Salt and Bishop’s Weed Oil:

This is one of the widely used home remedies for ear infection. Warm a cup of salt and place this in a small sock. Apply this externally as a pad over the ear. You can also blend one drop of Bishop’s weed with 3 drops of sesame oil. Warm it and add a few drops to the ear for some relief.

Finally it is also advisable to try these home remedies consistently so as to get a good lasting result. You should also increase the intake of vitamin C during this period.

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