Home Remedies for Toothache


Toothache is one of the things any person will not want to have at all cost. This pain can be seasonal or continuous, light or intense. Having this ache usually lead to one not concentrating on whatever they are doing and also lead to much discomfort. Due to this, much research has been done on how to deal with the ache. There are several home remedies for toothache that one can use to deal with his or her toothache.

The basic one is applying pressure using an ice cube. With this remedy, the patient should place the ice cube one the V shaped area between the thumb and the fore finger. The cube should then be pressed there for five to six minutes. This is a pressure point remedy and will at most times reduce the pain. Always try this remedy first.

Another home remedy for tooth ache is a clove of garlic. Garlic clove can be used in two ways. The first way is by placing garlic clove with rock salt of the aching teeth till it dissolves away. Alternatively, the patient can chew a clove of garlic each and every morning. Use of clove is proved to help relieve toothache.

If one cannot access a clove of garlic, he or she can use vanilla. Vanilla extract is very effective and will give much relief. The result from vanilla extract is almost instantaneous. This means you can use it as a solution for a sudden intense pain.

Another remedy is the Vicks Vapor rub. In this method the patient will apply vicks on his cheek that has the aching tooth. He will then place a paper towel on top of the applied vicks and then lie down on bed. The vicks will then generate heat which will be absorbed through the skin and provide relief to the patient.

Among the home remedies for toothache are also the potato and the hot tea bag remedies. With the potato, one should cut a piece of potato and then place it on the aching tooth for some time. It is usually advisable to keep the potato on place for about fifteen minutes. Placing a hot tea bag on the aching tooth and applying pressure on the tea bag is also known to provide instant relief from aching tooth.

Some substances such as clove oil also provide relief. Clove oil is a mild anesthetic. When applied on an aching tooth, clove oil will be absorbed by the gum and since it is an anesthetic, it will provide instant relief from the pain. The oil should only be applied on the aching tooth so as to avoid its wastage. Using oregano oil is also known to help with aching tooth.

Another remedy among the many home remedies for toothache is the juice of wheat grass. One should collect wheat grass, crush them and then soak them in a glass of water. After getting the juice, he or she should use it as mouth wash. The wheat grass is good since it is known to remove toxins from cavities and limit growth of bacteria.

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