How to increase Estrogen


For an individual, a good personality is very important from the different point of views. An attractive look, good height,and proper body shape are known as important aspects of a sound personality. Majority of these factors depend on the genes,but there are options with the help of which one can achieve the required shape and size of the body. The height of the body offers the glorious look and even many of the career opportunities to people in this era.

Various elements in the body determine the height and shape of the body,and among all the elements the primary one is Estrogen. So the simple logic for one who wants to increase the height is to increase the Estrogen level in the body. There are various activities and food items that can help one achieve the desired level of this element. Here are some steps that one can go for and increase the height.

  • Step 1

If you are underweight then gaining some pounds is the right option for you. Being underweight reduces the capability of the body to produce estrogen,and it also affects the cycles. Thus, estrogen levels can be balanced by returning to the healthy body weight.

  • Step 2

Increase the intake of soy products. The isoflavones present in the soy products increase the estrogen levels.

  • Step 3

Get a prescription to use birth control patch or the birth control pills. They are helpful in regulating the body hormones. Estrogen patch can elevate the estrogen level sixty percent more than the pills. However, they have various side effects and should be taken after consulting a doctor.

  • Step 4

You can use over the counter supplements of estrogen. These supplements are easily available and are quite helpful in increasing the estrogen levels. However, these supplements can interact with the other medications and hence consulting a doctor before the intake of these medicines is necessary.

  • Step 5

Try to avoid the endocrine disruptors. They include hormone creams, oral contraceptives, and hormone-based medications.

  • Step 6

Take as many fluids as possible. Make sure you drink 12 glasses of filtered, clean water every day. Adding apple cider vinegar or lemon can elevate the detoxifying effects of the water.

  • Step 7

Try to avoid sugars, grains, bad fats as much as possible. Add more of non-starchy veggies, berries, grapefruit, lemons, apples, organic meat, olives, avocados, olive oils, Coconut, good fats, herbs, tonics, and apple cider vinegar to your diet.

  • Step 8

Detoxification can improve in elevating the estrogen levels. A liquid fast for 16-14 hours for a few days in a week can boost the estrogen levels considerably.

  • Step 9

Uses the Di-indole methane,i.e., DIM to increase the estrogen levels. It is a juice extracted from the broccoli sprouts. It offers a great help in balancing the estrogen levels of the body.

  • Step 10

Move your body as much as possible. Go for a brisk walk for minimum thirty minutes every day as it will increase the production of estrogen in the body.

  • Step 11

Essentials oils can be used to increase the level of estrogen in the body.

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