IoT and Its Influence on Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

“The Internet of Things Will Drive Wireless Connected Devices to 40.9 Billion in 2020.” stated by ABI Research

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to surpass mobile Phones as the largest category of connected devices in 2018″ as predicted by Ericsson

As per the above-stated prediction and stats, IOT is going to gradually take over the entire globe in the coming years. Why is this gaining so much importance and attention? Let’s get a little deeper into its significance in the tech-world.

What is IoT?

Technically IOT the acronym of an Internet of Thing is a system of interrelated devices, objects or mechanical and digital machines having unique identifiers. These devices have the ability to transfer information over a network-avoiding human to a computer or human-to-human interaction.

In other words, it is a concept of connecting devices including washing machine, coffee maker, refrigerator, air conditioner, laptops and smartphones with each other and with the internet.

Any companies are investing in IOT by creating devices and platforms that encourage its growth. Tech-giants like Google has introduced a platform named Brillo where devices are offering internet of thing services. Apple has created a platform with the name HomeKit where developers and app makers can enjoy the facility of connecting their designed apps with iPads, iPhones and other Apple products. Getting into the mix, Intel- the smart creators along with Qualcomm are providing platforms that are chip-based deigned to establish connectivity with technically dumb devices.

Furthermore, while talking about IoT and its importance of IOT, Gillet stated, “Creating a connected product using IoT technologies creates a relationship between the product, company and the customer,” He further said that businesses are investing so much in IoT because it enhances customer engagement and optimizes brand awareness. It’s like a one-time investment to an on-going service relationship.

IoT and Mobile Apps

Internet of thing and mobile apps are closely related. Mobile apps have provided a foundation for the prosperity of IOT. Where mobile apps are designed and developed to provide valuable solutions to users catering every walk of life, IOT makes the connection even simpler forming an interrelated system among the devices present at home or at a workplace. With mobile apps you can manage of all your task from designing to manufacturing, a calculation to tracking performances of your employees, whereas, with IoT you can operate your entire business and office work while being at home or from any corner of the globe. However, with the evolution of IoT mobile app development has faced many challenges.

How IOT Influenced the App Development

It’s high time for developers and businesses to come together for developing such apps that are more IOT-friendly. Where mobile apps have revolutionized the tech-world and lives of users, IOT is playing to bring greater advancements with the help of smartly developed applications. However, the challenges are brought in developed includes:

Mobile App Development

With advancement comes difficulties too. Similar is the case with mobile app development, developers have to look for new and improvised coding languages to formulate the processes for acquiring more dance end results- that is smart homes and smart cities.  Moreover, app developer will have to revamp their products in a way that it becomes customizable and adaptable across multiple platforms so that it can allow interrelation with other devices as well.

  • Connectivity

In general mobile apps, they support the usual network including 3G, 4G and Bluetooth services. However, with IOT-integrated mobile apps, it will be difficult to develop, as these apps will not support the networks. Developers need to find out the techniques to make their apps able to correspond with the gateway to interact with other devices. It is surely not going to be a piece of cake, to create a relation between IOT and mobile apps as mobile networks and Wi-Fi cannot be supported.

  • Choosing The Right Platform

Chasing the right platform can also be another pebble on the road to building a robust mobile app. As developers cannot predict how their IOT apps will look like, it can create a lot of confusion with a platform selection. The only solution to this problem is making customizable devices that can support multiple platforms. Moreover, being powered by AI technology, IOT apps must be able to extend a complete lifecycle support.

  • Open Source Development

IOT enjoys open source development opportunities. With the rise in IOT popularity, many new companies or brands are providing opportunities to developers for creating IoT apps. Along with beginners, many giants including Google and Microsoft have enabled the opportunity to app developers for producing IOT integrated apps.

To Wrap Up

Talluri defined the glorious advantages of IOT by saying that its benefits are endless, efficient and smarter. It provides an effective solution for natural resources to safely drive conditions towards making trendier wearables. So much is said for this latest technology and it highlights the need for experts at E-commerce web Development Company to invest their efforts in creating a more IOT friendly app- one that can assure a productive future for upcoming brands.

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