Know the 11 Jewellery Essentials that completes an Indian Bride

Jewellery Essentials

A wedding is the most awaited day in a bride’s life. She looks forward to celebrate this day of hers with extreme perfection, joy and love. Since it is kind of customary for the brides all over the world to wear jewellery on her wedding day, Indian brides love complimenting their attire with numerous pieces of vintage jewellery to adorn their persona beautifully.Be it diamond earrings, nose ring, necklace, Indian brides are never short of jewelleries to wear on their wedding.

Have a look at some of the age-less jewellery pieces that all brides just love to wear.

Necklace that creates statement:

A bride’s attire is never complete without the stunning necklaces that leaves a remarkable look over the bride. The most popular bridal necklaces that are favoured among the brides are Kundan necklaces that has its origin in Rajasthan. With its uncut look and utter brilliance, it will make you shine among all. Bib or choker necklaces have also garnered much attention among today’s brides. As per the name, it surrounds the neck completely and goes well with a low cut neckline of the blouse. The Rani Haar or Layered Necklace is also said to bestow a royal look on the wearer. Rope necklaces are also an excellent choice for those who are going for high-neck or boat neck dresses.

Charming Cummerbund or waist lacing:

The name specifically came from India and is one of the most sumptuous piece of trinket. Various regions have various names for it but the style is everlasting in every way. It adorns the waistline and showcases the narrow ones to its best.

Beautiful Brooch or Sari Pin:

These are basically worn to hold the pleats of the sari at the shoulder to keep it from slipping down. A varying number of brooches are used time and again as per the trending style. It could be a single stone structure or a chained one that will flatter the sari to its best.

Maang Tikka:

This is the headpiece tied across the head and sometimes covers the ears is an integral part of bridal costume. It is worn from the middle of the head where the top or the pendant falls on the forehead. Latest maang tikka designs have been available through many sellers with number of intricate design that have commendable for all the brides.

The aesthetic appeal of Nose Rings:

From the times of kings and queens, nose rings have been a favourite of royals and a mark of married women. It is also one of the most popular and essential part of an Indian wedding. Different regions have different practice of wearing nose rings. Even there are a great number of styles in which these earrings are worn. A nose ring could just surround the hole around the nose and if it is a bigger one, it is attached to ear through chain.

The Alluring Hand harnesses:

This piece of jewellery is worn on the back of the hand and covers the wrist and fingers as well. It is available in Kundan or Gold Style as well. These are even attached with bangles to hold it correctly in place.


Also known as Kada or Cuffs, these jewellery pieces are a must haves to complete the wedding attire. It is mandatory for the newly wed brides to wear bangles made of gold or stones. There are variety of shapes and sizes in which these are available. Like in South India, gold bangles are much popular while in Rajasthan, chunky jewelleries made of stones are highly preferable.

Earrings that symbolize eternity:

No wedding dress in complete without an earring to go by. Available in variable designs like jhumkis, Kundan earrings, Chandelier earrings, Gold or some stone structured, earrings are one of the most essential part of the dress. It enhances your face and gives a regal look as well. It should always be chosen as per the size of one’s face so that it does not conceal the features of her face. Even Diamond earrings have also gained much popularity in today’s modern brides.


It is a touch of feminism that beautifully embodies the ankles. It could be single-layered or multi-layered as chosen by the bride to suit her sense of style. These are even sometimes extendable to toe rings giving an ethereal look to the bride’s feet.

Toe Rings:

It has its popularity since the ages of its inception. It is also an essential jewellery piece to be worn by the married women to symbolize her marital state. They are available in pairs or in single as well.

The Luxury of Rings:

A favourite of women all over the world, rings hold a special significance in a wedding. Designed in various shapes and sizes, rings hold the charm of old and new world perfectly.

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