Mistakes That Social Media Brand Managers Should Take Care to Avoid

Social Media Brand Managers

With more than 800 million monthly active users and growing at a scorching pace, there can be few online marketers who are brave enough to ignore making Instagram an integral part of their marketing strategies. However, brands need to be continually alert they do not end up making blunders that can ruin their marketing campaign. Some practical tips:

Buying Followers

It takes a lot of effort to build an Instagram presence that is vibrant and robust. While it is very easy to buy a large follower base, it is more than likely that these followers will not show any interest in your brand. Even with a large follower base, you will end up with no likes or comments. When you buy followers, you really can’t choose their profile, and more often than not you will land up with followers who do not just have the right profile for your brand and this is unlikely to do your business any good. Though it takes more time, effort, and investment, creating a follower base with a well-thought-out strategy coupled with great content that engages your audience will pay enduring dividends.

Not Paying Attention to Analytics

When your Instagram account is buzzing, it can be very easy for marketers to think that all’s well and will continue to be well. However, to realize the full potential of Instagram, you need to keep on analyzing your follower behavior so that you can figure out what interests them the most and keeps them engaged, what are the best times for getting free Instagram likes and feedback, which is the most effective hashtags and photo captions, etc. You will also need to monitor how many followers you acquire and how many you lose; how many followers respond to your CTAs and click on the link in the bio or respond to the lure of an incentive. You can use Instagram’s native analytics program, Insights, or any of the many other third-party apps available. Even though statistics are not the only measure of your success on Instagram, they do point to what is going right or wrong.

Being Excessively Promotional

Even when followers know that they are following a business page and that they will be on the receiving end of brand promotions, they can be put off if all your content pushes your brand in their faces. Unless your content proves to be of interest to them they will soon lose curiosity and stop interacting with you. You should rather try to keep their engagement levels high by demonstrating what your products can do for them, or how they can best extract the value out of situations that your product plays a part. Followers want information and value but they want to be entertained too.


Even though Instagram is a visual medium, smart marketers who want to drive engagement to new levels should not ignore the value of Instagram captions. These captions not only help in giving context to the images but generate the desired emotional connect that drives conversions best.

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