What mistakes start-ups make in developing apps?

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Mistakes made by start-ups during the development of apps may result into big damages. Many are shut down even before their first anniversary. They enter the market with a half backed product with unusual delays and at a time when, it has already gone out of fashion.

Have you got an app start-up idea and now you are looking for developers to realize it? It’s a good move, indeed. But hold, before you go for its development, accept the bitter truth. Mistakes in developing apps have brought them to failure and their quantity is far more in comparison of successful ones.

Start-ups make a lot of mistakes in hiring app developers. Here are some of those mistakes:

  • Hiring a developer with no previous experience in your industry.

Your app should not be the guinea pig of a developer which has never tried its hands over a project like yours. If you still let inexperienced firm do it, you will end up with a lot of disappointments and of course failure, too. You can easily avoid this situation by inquiring whether the firm has ever worked on similar project or not. If not, move on to others. Consider it one of the top mistakes made by start-ups in developing apps but with little caution, you can easily avoid it.

  • The firm just wants to take the project without understating your requirements.

If a mobile application development company behaves like this, of course it’s not the one you should hire. An experienced and professional company is one that first of all, understands your needs in detail, the feasibility of required implementations and then say that they can work on it or not.

  • Hiring a firm on the basis of cost.

If you choose a developer on the basis of lowest cost, you are going to do a big mistake. Because they work on lowest cost possible, they will undeniably use cookie cutter solutions. You will have to pay heavily for it when the end product will be far below of your hope. Prefer quality over the cost. You can discover the level of quality the developer has delivered so far by having a look on the whole portfolio of the company.

  • Hiring a very expensive firm.

Not hiring a cheap firm does not also mean you hire an expensive firm. You have to keep a balance between quality and cost and then hire a company. By hiring the most expansive company you may risk the project progress. Maybe, the budget crosses the limits and the project is stuck in the middle.

  • Not planning the budget before development.

This is not a mistake but a blunder you will do. Yes, you have to decide how much money you can invest in total and then begin hiring a company. This will help you keep the expenses in control and avoid overspending.

  • Not creating regular communication with the firm.

You will do big a mistake if you start depending entirely on the development company since the beginning and let the project be progressed without having a single word with its developers. You need to keep yourself informed through regular communications, emails and chatting-sessions and to ask about the progress of the project.

  • Not setting a time limit.

You have to set a time limit in which developers will implement the product. If you don’t do, the software firm will have all the liberty to scratch the development from weeks to months and, even to a year. Maybe, when they finish up your app, its concept has already gone out of fashion. So inform the firm that when you want to launch you product and ask them sticking to the deadline.

A lot of people are launching their own apps to make a difference in the world but only a handful of them do really succeed. If you too want to succeed, just mark-off the mistakes made by other start-ups in developing apps and then find the ways to avoid them. That’s it.

Author Bio :-  James Stewart is the technical writer of Mobilmindz that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in finance app development,  restaurant app development, etc.

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