Mobile Applications, a Loyalty Weapon for Local Business

Mobile Applications

An inventory of m-commerce in France in 2017:

To know what the main trends are in French m-commerce, we must turn to the second edition of the Observatory of Mobile Commerce, published last July by the Mobile Marketing Association France. We learn that mobile commerce is constantly growing: a quarter of digital transactions are mobile, an increase of 7% since 2015. In three years, the number of mobile transactions has tripled, and France nowadays hui 17.5 million mobile customers.

However, m-commerce is not just about buying on the internet and apps – it also includes point-of-sale interactions, which are growing in number. Thus, 70% of French people use their mobiles in store, to compare prices and consult user opinions.

The essential role of mobile applications for customer loyalty:

With the rise of mobile and internet, convenience stores, like major brands, must make mobile applications a key element of their communication and loyalty strategy. Having an online presence is essential: on social networks and the web, but also via an application that will create a stronger relationship with customers. The application responds to a need for customization, which new technologies have accustomed us to: it allows building a link with customers before, during and after the purchase.

The multiple benefits of applications:

With a mobile application, a local merchant can offer his customers to shop online, but it is not mandatory: e-commerce apps have multiple interests. It can, for example, be used to offer new services with high added value, such as making appointments, a dematerialized loyalty card, customized promotions or shopping returns. As such Walmart has developed a new service called “Mobile Express Returns Accessible via the brand application and will be operational from November 2017 for US customers. In concrete terms, customers who bought products on the company’s website will be able to manage their returns in just a few clicks. After following the steps necessary for the support, the application generates a barcode allowing returning the goods in a dedicated space in more than 4700 points of sale. Thanks to this, Walmart wants to make the returns “fast, simple and even a little pleasant”.

The importance of the app in our mobile marketing strategy:

The mobile marketing increasingly finds its way into the strategies marketing business. This is so, due to the interest that users show for smartphones. And not only that, but also, brands take into account the behavior of users with this type of mobile devices, so that having  your own app is very important to reach your consumers.

The applications are also very important in the world of e-commerce, since it is necessary to take into account the growth of trends such as Show rooming, which consists of users who watch and test the product in the physical store to subsequently acquire it through the Internet. Through, for example, your smartphone. In this way, the mobile becomes increasingly important at the time of the purchase decision.

In short, we are in a new era of marketing where users increasingly use mobile devices, so mobile marketing and own applications are very important when developing an effective strategy for our business.

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