What all you need to look in a hosting service provider before making purchase?

hosting service provider

Small, medium or large, every business is getting inside the online portal and has a website for the world to see. It is the indication of a smart businessman if he utilizes websites to connect with his clients or potential customers but in the race of reaching out to customers with an attractive website to back up its presence, businesses often forget the necessity of employing hosting service providers to host their website that in the long run would definitely help in scaling higher and reaping profits.

But, before making a purchase make sure what your hosting service provider is offering in its services.

  • Storage: Before buying a hosting service for your website make sure how much data will be provided to you for storage. You could always consult the provider and discuss on the amount of storage that will required as per your business’ requirements. Don’t get lured by seeing unlimited data offer. Check out the terms and conditions related to the scheme or hosting type and then make your decision.
  • Maximum Uptime: With several hosting service providers, you are bound to get confused as to which one would ensure you a maximum uptime and high performance for your website. The downtime is experienced when some regular maintenance work or troubleshooting is going on over the server else most of the hosting providers can offer 99% of uptime. With a cloud hosting service, you may not even have to worry about your uptime as the site data is stored across multiple servers. So, if one of your servers fails to work, some other server can take upon the task in an instant.
  • Network Speed: How fast is your web hosting server? Yes, this is the question you need to ask your provider in earnest. Even there are specific hosting services like WordPress hosting which are specific to that platform and can provide a higher performance on it. The website page execution or loading depends on how powerful the servers are. The network is measured in milliseconds and depends on how fast the cable is connected to the host provider.
  • High Bandwidth: It’s not just storage but also the bandwidth that you should take care of. But, what exactly is bandwidth? With this amount of data, the host provider will allow the visitors of particular website to upload and download. Higher the bandwidth, higher number of visitors could be handled by your website. After the bandwidth gets used up, your host provider will not allow the entry of any more visitors. This kind of situation sometimes occur during online railway ticket reservations etc. A popular bandwidth requires higher bandwidth. You should be hyper-aware of the amount of bandwidth you are provided at the time you make purchase so that you are not duped in the future.
  • Database Support: It is one of the most crucial feature to look for when you are buying any website especially with a transaction facility or online business. Every business must have a database support to keep I check the number of visitors or customers. There are several types of databases available in the market. Most popular database that is being provided in today’s date is MySQL as it is freely available. But, many customers still shift their attention to other types such as PostsgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server etc. Check how much database is required for your operations and then go for its deployment at the backend.
  • Domains and Subdomains: It is hardly a hidden fact that businesses these days have more than one website. Just make sure before buying that you have been given several domains to start another website without any glitches. Make sure that your hosting provider will allow you multiple domains and you need not to manage only single hosting account. With the cPanel given by your hosting service provider, you might be given the facility to add or choose a domain or subdomain of your choice.
  • Security: One of the most important feature that cannot be ignored at any cost is the security that will be ensured upon by your hosting provider. You should be completely aware of the anti-virus software, firewalls, and other internet checkpoints that will save your website from any unauthorized access of hackers or spammers.
  • Customer Support: How well the customer service provided by your host? Look at the reviews about his services and whether he provides timely assistance or not. You may even get a first-hand look at their service by communicating through their mails or live chat.
  • Language Support:Make sure that your host provides the support of several languages that can help in handling your platform on any of them. That is why your host should be thoroughly providing the server-side languages like if your application is on Django then your hosting provider might give Python support.

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