All about Oil-Based Foundation for Dry Skin

Oil-Based Foundation for Dry Skin

For many dry skinned people, the cold and clear days can cause more troubles for your skin such as redness, peeling.  And it is hard to find suitable cosmetics. If you’re looking for how to use an oil-based foundation for dry skin, this article will help you how to use these products correctly.First of all, you need to understand what factors relate to your condition profoundly and then have a good solution when using oil-based foundation for dry skin.

Why do you have dry skin?

Numerous reasons cause your dry skin (xerosis) generally as an environment factors include:

  • Weather: In winter, temperatures and humidity fall making skin dry but not as much as you live in a desert region.
  • Heat: Central heat, wood-burning stoves, and fireplaces reduce moisture and make skin dry.
  • Hot water: Even taking long, hot showers or baths can make skin dry.
  • Harsh soaps and detergents: many products such as soaps, detergents, and shampoos reduce the moisturizing of the skin.
  • Other skin diseases: With some skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis tend to cause the skin to dry quickly.

On the other hand, aging can be a significant risk factor developing your problem if you are aged in your 40s or older. More than 50% of seniors have dry skin [1].

What are the problems of dry skin?

Dry skin isn’t severe, but it can be uncomfortable. You may have a feeling of the skin tightness, and it may look rough. The person may suffer from pruritus, flacking, scaling or peeling after taking a bath or removing makeup products. The skin may become worse or even be bleeding if there are deep cracks [2].

Many teens have dry skin, and they aren’t confident to hang out if nothing applies to the face for example. Don’t worry having numerous options for teens when they have to choose a right foundation makeup. A lot of products dry skin out and leave you with irritation after that. Some water foundations sometimes increase your skin’s dry and flaky patches as it provides insufficient moisture.

However, the oil-based foundations can help you a lot in this situation.

How does oil-based foundation work?

The oil will penetrate into skin layer more slowly than water, and then it helps provide enough moisture but still feel slick and shiny. Also, the oil-based foundation gives beneficial effects not only for merely dry skin but also for dry combination or mixed with other types and is gentle enough for rosacea-prone skin.

Moreover, it could last all day and works well even in hot weather. Prevention Magazine says that oil-based foundation for dry skin can reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well.

How many types of foundations are applied to dry skin?

Usually, the oil-based foundation for dry skin is in cream, liquid and powder foundations or tainted substances. They disagree regarding their degree of coverage, so the one which you choose is based entirely on how much coverage is wanted.

  • Liquid bases provide gentle to medium coverage. Your face will look outright without any flaws even they are small such as under-eye surrounds defects, acne scars, or uneven tone of skin.
  • Cream forms are weighty than wet ones. They supply excellent coverage. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to conceal swarthier or more noticeable imperfections. But you need to apply carefully not to cake makeup.
  • Powder ones probably hide a matte and cover perfectly. However, powders bent to settle into slight marks and creases, so that it may be not useful for some people.
  • Tinted moisturizers are healthy and suitable to conceal a minimum of deficiency, provide moisture enough for skin. Being convenient then tinted substances are another excellent choice for every day or special occasion.

Do you know how to choose what is fit your skin?

It depends on the finish level you required. Matt can create a dry and powdery finish, but matte foundations need to add more moisturizers. Semi-matt is a simple finish and natural appearance. Luminizing includes light-diffusing ingredients, for instance, mica, for a radiant resplendence, and it is highly nominated for dry skin.

Are You Still Wondering How To Apply Oil-Based Foundation for Dry Skin?

First of all, hydrating your skin is very important to maintain makeup layers. A sufficient moisture level allows makeup to be absorbed by the skin.

Prime Your Face

  • Before any makeup, washing your face thoroughly with a gentle product helps remove dirt and prevent acne from appearing or irritating skin.
  • Remove any present leftover makeup.
  • Clear the dead skin which is still on your face for a long time.
  • Foundation primers are the next step after moisturizer for skin locking in moisture and priming the surface for foundation.

Apply Oil-Based Foundations

Find a suitable product and tap onto skin such as your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose with an adequate amount of cream or liquid. You need to use a soft brush instead of fingers to blend the foundation.

After applying oil-based foundation for your skin for the first time, you can repeat to do one more to remain makeup and be ready to detail makeup. Don’t forget some areas such as eyebrows or eyelids. Then take care of the cheeks and lips for making up.

Hydrate Skin Every Time

Even when the oil based foundation for dry skin is applied, your makeup can be flacked quickly, especially in harsh weather. Therefore, oil-based foundations usually work well when used with a mineral water sprayer. Doing this provides moisture and makes your makeup more natural.

Are there any drawbacks of oil-based foundation for dry skin?

In addition to having more benefits, oil-based products can cause some side effects if you are suffering from acne or blackheads problems. Using mineral oil-based products can enhance risks of clogging pores and breakouts if your skin doesn’t have good care. That way, you have to consider how to apply and how to take care of your skin afterward.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, using oil-based foundation for dry skin is the first choice as it provides a smooth and creamy layer to protect skin. However, dry skin requires special care than other types, so that you need to follow skin care carefully.

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