One of the best House Cleaning tips for you

House Cleaning tips

Most modern owners are too busy to sit and chat in a cafe and exchange cleaning secrets. That’s why today we give you 15 effective tips from the best house cleaners, so pay attention so you know what to do in your next cleaning session.

What the cleaning experts recommend

  1. Keep your cleaning tools where you plan to use them

Not only the cleaning products have you under the sink, but also the brooms, dustpan, gloves, rags, cloths, etc. You cannot do much with cleaning products if you do not have the necessary tools to apply them. This is a practical advice of professional cleaners that will save you some time, since you should not stop cleaning to look for any utensil that you need.

  1. Simplify your products

If you need a different product for each item in each room, you are not being efficient. This tip of professional cleaners refers to that you can get at least three very useful products to clean dirt and grease from almost all surfaces.

  1. Store rubber gloves and microfiber cloths Rubber

Gloves help you to do the unpleasant cleaning tasks without inhibitions. The microfiber cloths work for most of the cleanup from the kitchen and bathroom to the dust. This simple advice of professional cleaners will help you to speed up the cleaning of your home.

  1. Listen to music

Listen to something that makes you want to move, something that will accelerate your pulse. It must be high enough to be heard above the vacuum cleaner. This fun tip of professional cleaners will make the task of cleaning the home much less tedious.

  1. Do not postpone the cleaning of the showers and bathtubs

Make a cleaning of showers and bathtubs at least every two weeks to make it much less difficult. Use a product that you know works well on your surfaces and apply it with a microfiber cloth. With this advice you will cover more areas of the surface with greater efficiency and speed.

  1. Clean only when there is a lot of light

Open all curtains and blinds, or turn on all the lights. All cleaning should end before 3 o’clock in the afternoon because after this time the light begins to fade and the dirt is not seen with the same clarity as at 10 o’clock in the morning.

  1. Do not get stuck when you pick up the mess

Unless you plan to spend an entire day controlling your mess, pick up little by little whenever you can. Pick up things that do not take long to place in your place like magazines or newspapers, bring glasses or dishes from the rooms to the sink, and clean under and around. This tip of professional cleaners will help you plan a time to tackle the mess and devise a practical method to keep it under control.

  1. Follow a cleaning “route”

Clean from top to bottom, from the back of a room to the front and moving in one direction around the room, ending on the top floor. With this advice you will know that in this way all the dirt will fall on those things that you have not yet cleaned.

  1. Start with the most difficult areas

If the worst in a clean room first, the rest will be a cinch. The kitchen is always an area with difficulties when cleaning. In the bathroom, the most difficult area is the bathtub or shower. In other spaces it is likely to be the ceiling fan or the chandelier.

  1. Plan in advance to shake the dust in your home

Keep the windows closed in the times of wind because it can get dust into your home, and remember to change the filters in the air inlets of your home. Keep clutter to a minimum, since dust can accumulate between things without you noticing.

  1. Keep your pets brushed

This practice will keep your pet’s hair in your home at a manageable level, and likewise you will be giving a lot of attention to your pet. Vacuuming regularly will keep your pet’s hair out of your way. One trick you should know is that sweeping will not remove all the hair on the floor so it is better to have a vacuum cleaner at hand.

  1. Use the vinegar in your cleaning

Do not stop a cleaning job until everything is bright. When you finish with some surface, sprinkle some vinegar diluted with water and clean with a microfiber cloth. This includes room doors, glass, all kitchen appliances, cabinetry doors and porcelain fixtures.

  1. Clean the kitchen every time you cook

Yes, clean the kitchen every day. But we do not mean the whole kitchen, only the parts that were used and dirty, such as the hob and the countertop, the refrigerator door and the sink. The recent dirt in the kitchen is very easy to clean. Following this advice of professional cleaners will prevent dirt from adhering and hardening on the surfaces of your kitchen.

  1. Mark a goal

As you work, think about how well you will feel in your spaces when they are clean and organized. Invite your favorite people or plan a relaxing weekend at home, this advice of professional cleaners will give you an incentive at the time of cleaning and will give you something to look forward to.

  1. Do not get overwhelmed with such cleanliness

Do the basics to begin, once you have the main elements such as the kitchen, bathroom and floors under control, begin to add other areas to your regular routine little by little so that eventually everything will come back manageable.

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