To People That Want To Start Shopify But Are Afraid To Get Started


As the internet becomes a more combined part of society, the need for businesses to have an ecommerce business is increasing.Deciding to build an online store is a great decision and a solid business model. Once you’ve decided on a product to sell, your next big decision is choosing a great e-commerce website. Shopify is a one-stop shop for sellers, particularly small, medium or Large sized who wants to leverage all their digital channels with one tool.

Entrepreneurship is all about overcoming your fears of failure; you must conquer all of them in order to move forward. Studies have shown that fear is a major psychological barrier to entrepreneurship. You have to take risks in order to take your business to next level. If you let your fears overcome you, your creativity will die inside you and you will be the only loser.

E-Commerce startups also have similar type of fears and solution for them is also the same. Shopify is complete e-commerce platform that provides startups every facility from creating e-commerce website to selling online to withdrawing money to their account, all this without any hassle.

As its famous saying that every thousand miles journey start with a single step, shopify is your first step in right direction.  According to shopify website statistic, more than 500,000 Businesses are powered by Shopify, it has 10 million active users and more than 46 billion USD worth of transactions have been carried out at shopify so far and all these are still counting in forward direction.

Shopify holds 10% of global market share of e-commerce platform. It’s not only used by startups, rather many big brands are also using shopify for selling online.  Some of them are Tesla Motors, Red Bull, The New York Stock Exchange, The Economists. There are thousands of success stories associated with shopify.

Shopify is a great platform for startups having little knowledge about web development and having a tight constraint on budget. All you need is shopify experts that can build a colorful website and lets you go online instantly with your selling business.

Startups are also afraid as e-commerce websites are first choice of hacking for bad guys roaming over the internet. Maintaining a tight security is compulsory for e-commerce websites. Shopify takes care of security of all your transactions, its PCI DSS compliance, meeting all 6 categories of PCI standards. So if you are hosting your store at shopify, you are also PCI DSS complaints and all your transactions are completely secure. You can add shopify trust badge to establish trust with customers.

Shopify is a stage that is all set for you to start ecommerce business, all you need is step forward by overcoming your fears, shopify experts are there to assist you.Ask shopify experts about plenty of reasons on why shopify is the best platform for ecommerce.


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