A Quick Journey Through The Evolution of SEO – Essentials You Must Know!

Search Engine Optimization

The full form of SEO is Search engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is also referred to as Organic result namely. It is basically the process to control the search results which comes in the unpaid search result of a web search engine. It is a business optimization process per say, which manages the online visibility of a website, in the list of the results which a search at any web search engine begets. It can be described as the higher ranked site. The higher it appears in the search results list, the more visitors it can get. This way the online traffic of that website is increased, as the ore number of visitors it gets from the search engine referral (or to say search engine’s order of appropriateness), the higher number of the visitors can be turned into customers of it.

Search Engine Optimization – Internet marketing strategy:

Search Engine Optimization is basically an internet marketing strategy, which takes into consideration the way a search engine works and the programming algorithm dictating the search engine behavior. Besides these factors, it also takes into its consideration the keyword or the proper search term, which matter does a person searches about, and lastly which the targeted audience prefers search engine(s). Search Engine Optimization is not at all as similar as Local Search Engine Optimization because the latter takes care of the online presence of a company. Search engine Optimization is more focused to take care of the national and international searches.

How It Got Started?:

On 2nd May 2007, Jason Gambert made the first attempt to trademark the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO. He put forward in front of the Trademark office at Arizona that Search Engine Optimization is not a mere marketing process or service. Instead, it is a process which functions to manipulate the keywords to optimize. Though, the starting point of this process goes back to the mid 90’s, as only in this period the first generation search engines were cataloging the web. In this time Webmasters first started to optimize websites for the search results of search engines. However, the term Search Engine optimization came into existence probably in 1997; Bruce Clay is mostly referred as the person to popularize the term.

The First Generation Functioning:

Like the first generation, SEO professionals and Webmaster worked in the following way, and they first submitted the page address of a website to various engines which then sent a spider to crawl that page to extract information or better to say links to the other pages out of it. Later, the obtained data was then indexed. This process included following factors such as a spider downloading of a page by a search engine, storing the information on the own server of the search engine. There is a second program as well which is called an indexer. It extracts information like their location, the containing words and so on about a page; and lastly, the whole information was then placed into a scheduler for crawling to a next date.

The Developing Pathway:

The first generation of the optimization process had to depend upon the ‘Keyword Meta Tag’ or Index Files in a search engine; webmaster provided these methods. But by 1997 this process was recognized as creating junk with irrelevant keywords to manipulate the online visibility of a website, while the popularity of a search engine depends upon how much relevant search result it can produce for a given search. In 2005 an attempt was made in the form of a conference of AIRWeb to bring the practitioners and researchers of search optimization together. In 1998 Google was started and later on it developed itself to make a personalized search result for each of its users depending upon their search history.

The Functioning Part:

Crawlers are used to find pages for their algorithmic search results in the popular search engines. There are several different methods existing which can be used to increase the online presence of a website in the search results. We can name Cross-linking as one of the process which links between pages of the same site to beget an increased number of essential links to relevant pages, improving the visibility of a website. There are also processes such as creating the content which includes the frequently searched keywords can increase the visibility, updating content that makes the search engines crawl back again and again is also can improve traffic to a website.

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Thus we can say lastly that the Search Engine Optimization is as useful as the Search Engine Marketing and Paid Per Click Advertisements depending on the goals of the operator of the site.

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