One of the most vibrant places to visit in the world with its cultural extravaganza and bright vibes, there are scores of things that make Brazil stand out from the rest. With its infectious exuberance and a wild, unmatched passion for living, this remarkable place has managed to captivate the attention of the world. While it’s true that the list of things that make this incredible place special is endless, there are however certain things that make Brazil ‘one in a million.’ To drive home the point, listed below are some things Brazil does better than anywhere else!


Brazilians are known to be among the most affable people in the world. Their playful nature, willingness to laugh at themselves, and infectious laughter is an innate part of their nature. If you want proof of this, a couple of years back Brazilians voted a clown into the Congress. The unusual thing was that he was really a clown by profession. Known as “Grumpy,” his stage name, Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva won on a unique slogan of “it can’t get any worse.” The point is, whatever the problem, Brazilians know how to put it aside and live in the moment. Whether it is soccer, dancing, food, or music, there is nothing the Brazilians do half-heartedly.


Brazilians can throw a party and how! Celebrating is a top Brazilian priority, be it a festival or a carnival, and once it starts, there’s no looking back. Even a backyard barbeque is akin to a massive carnival here. There are two major parties thrown by Brazilians every year – one is the Carnival, and the other is the New Year’s Reveillon. About an estimated 2 million (well possibly more) people gather on the beaches of Rio to watch the Reveillon fireworks on display. There are plenty of other smaller-scale festivities held throughout Brazil all year round. So whatever the time of your visit, expect to be part of some or the other kind of lively event.

Music and dancing:

Unrivaled and unmatched in its diversity of music and dancing styles, Brazil is numerous indeed! Foot-tapping beats and wild, exciting dancing to go with it are a common sight in Brazil. The world is all-too-familiar with Samba, Bossa Nova, and African drumming thanks to Brazil. Unique instruments belting out unheard of sounds and equally unique dance forms to go with the beats are incredible things to love about Brazil! Whether you’re a pro at dancing or have two left feet, the music in Brazil will make you move in ways unimaginable. You will for sure come back knowing a little more about how to move to music.

Massive food portions:

Brazilians are known for their love of food and you will experience this first-hand when you visit. Their lunches are by far the largest portions served anywhere else in the world. Therefore, a light breakfast is advised as you’ll be having a lot more for lunch. Delicious platefuls are served even in restaurants so don’t be surprised when the waiter brings you food that is actually enough for more than twice your number. Brazilians don’t drown their food in various types of sauces and are known to prefer seasonings and toppings instead. They specialize in thin strips of tender beef and other such non-vegetarian delights served with rice, fried bananas, and beans.

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Exotic Fruits:

Not many are aware that Brazil has the world’s largest collection of exotic homegrown fruits many of which you may never even have heard of. Camu-Camu, Graviola, Jabuticaba, and Cupuacu are the names of some such exotic regional fruits. They are all known to have incredible health benefits in one way or another and any Brazilian will be more than glad to tell you about it. But exotic regional fruits aren’t the only ones Brazil specializes in. Even the common ones available worldwide are of exceptional quality here. The fruit of Cashew tree, Caju, is extremely popular here. Others like the Açaí and Acerola from the Amazon region are quite well-known as well. Brazil is also famed for being the world’s top Citrus fruits producer.

Dense Rain forests:

The Amazon has an estimated 390 billion trees which is about half of the total surviving rainforests in the world. There are also about 16000 different exotic species of trees nature lovers will love to explore. Brazil is home to more than half of the 1.4 billion acres of the Amazon Basin including thousands of miles of the stunning Amazon River. Needless to mention, the Amazon is home to a vast variety of exotic flora and fauna. Put all of this together and you have one of the greenest places in the world in Brazil. A remarkable blend of modernization and natural beauty, Brazil is an awesome place to visit.

All of the above-mentioned incredible things Brazil does better than anywhere else making it one of the most fabulous places to explore in the world. Visit any time of the year and be enthralled by the sights, sounds, and the general fantastic vibe the locale has to offer. Once you’re done exploring Brazil, you could book cheap flights to India for your next vacation as this is another amazing place to visit offering countless attractions.

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