Stuck in Traffic? Use Your Mobile Internet to Get Work Done

Mobile Internet

Getting stuck in traffic, is the worst nightmare for the people living in big cities, especially in Mumbai. People love to drive but do not like to sit idle in their cars surrounded by that many stationary wheels. A traffic jam is the most mind-numbing, energy and productivity-squeezing situation, people from the metropolitan cities can find themselves in. The repercussions are many – people reach office late, are unable to reach as scheduled for an event, and miss out on some important presentations. Thanks to the availability of mobile phones, smartphones and the mobile Internet, time getting stuck in traffic jams can be well-spent.

How? You can check out these following tips.

1) Plan Your Day:

People who like to stay organized can spend hours listing the things they need to complete the day. There are plenty of to-do list apps out there, like Wunderlist, Evernote, Dragon Dictation, etc. You can arrange your to-do list according to the date, time, and categories, and set an alarm.

2) Clear Your Inbox:

Some people like to have a clean inbox, remove all irrelevant emails before they start to work for the next day. If you get stuck in the traffic jam, then instead of criticizing the present situation, switch on your mobile data to read your emails and drive the extraneous out of your inbox. Just remember to choose a postpaid connection with a good data amount.

3) Learn a Language:

In this competitive world, people who work in the IT sectors, telecom sectors, need to learn new languages to establish perfect communication with the clients from different countries. If you are taking language lessons in Spanish, German, Japanese, or any other such languages, the idle hours in the traffic jam can become perfect to revise the linguistic abilities. Duolingo is a fantastic language learning free mobile application which may be helpful in your new language learning.

4) Listen to Music or Podcast or Audiobook:

During a commute, instead of feeling frustrated, people can use the time more productively, if you are not eager that much to fix your eyes on the mobile screen, then with the help of apps like the Wynk App, Ted Talks, etc., you can easily listen to a music or a podcast or audiobook.

5) Get entertained:

People love to stay updated on their movies and TV series. In fact, if you want, you can even watch a movie and spend time catching up on the latest dose of entertainment with the help of Airtel Tv App. It can be one of the best ideas to cut down the sluggishness while getting trapped between the traffic jam. Worried about consuming your data? Go in for the newest unlimited postpaid plans which offer ample data to watch videos for hours and even offer data rollover, wherein data not consumed in the earlier months is now available for use.

6)Catch up with loved ones:

In the frantic lifestyle of Metropolitan cities, a moment of stillness can be turned into interesting conversations with loved ones. Make use of unlimited calling plans to do chit chat withloved ones, friends and relatives living across the country. Talk for as long as the conversation or the jam lasts without worrying about increasing the bill amount.

Getting the good telecom plan has a lot of benefits, other than the ones mentioned above, Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam or not, a good plan can keep you connected on the fly. If your relatives are repeatedly, accusing you of not to call them like before, it is a very good time to call them also.

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