Who Should Take the CCENT Certification?

The Cisco Certified EntryNetworking Technician or CCENTqualification is the first step towards becoming a successful IT networking professional. Holding the certification is proof of the fact that you are proficient in all steps of networking, including installation, operation,and maintenance of different aspects of your company’s IT network. Since there is intense competition nowadays at entry-level IT positions, the CCENT qualification can set you apart from other applicants and increase your chances of starting your career on a strong footing.


Objectives of the Course:

In the CCENTcourse, you will learn the basic of networking in order to become a competent network analyst. You will become familiar with the basic networking concepts, including virtual networks, layers, routing and switching as well as other advanced topics. The Cisco CCENT certification also includes a special focus on network security considering the increasing number of security threats to which computer networks are exposed. You will learn to deploy different security tools such as firewalls and establish secure access points throughout the network. All of these skills will help you become an insightful and valuable candidate for your company.

Exam Options:

Since this certification aims to help you get an entry-level position, there are no prerequisites that you need to fulfill in order to take this course. Cisco CCENT offers multiple learning resources that you can purchase to study the course content at your own pace. There are self-study options as well as instructor-led options so that you can customize your learning path according to your own convenience. Apart from online tutorials and virtual lab sessions, you can also purchase books and other printed course materials from the online Cisco store.

Entry Level Roles:

On becoming a CCENT qualified professional, you can start at a good entry-level position in one of the following roles:

  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Systems administrator

Each of the above positions can give you a lot of experience and knowledge to prepare you for a more challenging career in the next few years. You will realize that in order to remain competitive and in demand, you must update your skills continuously.

Career Growth:

The CCENT Certification can be the starting point for more specialized qualifications in the future. After having gained a few years of experience, you can take the next logical step by pursuing other associate-level certifications from Cisco or CCDA qualifications. For example, you can pursue different specializations offered by Cisco in various fields, including routing, switching, security, wireless systems, and industrial applications.

Each of the CCENT.html certifications involves a single examination, which you can take after a few yearsof practical experience. As with most networking certifications, there is a limited validity period for the CCENT certificate, before which you are expected to appear for a recertification. The maximum validity period for the CCENT Certification is three years. So make sure that you take the recertification exam before this term expires. This is a great way to keep yourself updated and a prized employee for your organization.

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