The 5 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2018

Travel Destinations

Imagine sitting at a picturesque spot somewhere close to a brilliant ocean, with fresh breeze and greenery all around you. Wouldn’t that be the best kind of holiday? But, where to begin planning? First, decide what kind of place you would like to visit. Would it be just one place or more? Whatever you decide, here is a meticulously chosen list of places worth visiting in 2018.

#1: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Canada will celebrate its 151st birthday in 2018. This is the best excuse to head to the Prince Edward Island. Travelers cannot resist falling in love with the red rocky shores of this island. There are picturesque fishing villages here that are worth visiting. The island has seen a rise in the number of upscale restaurants in the past ten years. If you love seafood, perhaps this is where you would explore some mouthwatering recipes too. Thanks to movies like the classic “Anne of Green Gables” and other new TV series, this island is gaining some fame.

#2: Georgia the County

In recent year, Georgia the county (not the state) has gained some popularity due to the great wine you find here. The prima bottle of vino may be a good reason to want to visit this amazing place. Tbilisi, the capital city, which is mostly a cobblestoned almost ancient town, depicts a complicated and long history that dates back to the Russian and Persian rule. You will find a variety of architecture with Eastern Orthodox churches, Soviet Modernist buildings, and the ornate art nouveau structures. Some amazing attractions are the Narikala, which is a 4th-century reconstructed fortress, and the iconic KartilisDeta, which is the sculpture of the “Mother of Georgia.” There are some super cool hotels, bars, music, and art theatres here too. Massiani is a favorite music venue for the locals here. Moreover, the Fabrika is a sewing factory from the Soviet-era, which is worth seeing.

#3: Penang (Malaysia)

In 2017, Malaysia turns 61, which means there will be a lot of celebration and great food. Penang is an island that is unarguably the best destination for street food. You will find a mix of traditional and a fusion of other Asian cuisines, like Chinese and Indian recipes. A combination of the amazing food and historic buildings can be the best holiday destination for 2018. You will see classic Islamic mosques and Chinese shop houses here. There are many places to travel and explore while walking, so get ready for some adventure in Malaysia.

#4: Oman

For several years, Europeans, especially the British people know Oman as one of the ultimate holiday destinations in the Middle East. There is agood reason for that, which is why lately Americans have also started taking aspecial interest in Oman. The country has cultural and natural attractions. It is more like an antidote for Dubai fans and offers incredible beauty for those who cherish nature. You will find vast deserts, rugged mountains, and a pristine coast. There are some very luxurious hotels like the AlilaJabalAkhdar, Six Senses Zighy Bay, and the latest addition Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar (just opened in October 2017). For an incredible desert experience, you can always find Oman experts to coordinate a trip.

#5: Bermuda

Bermuda may be a small Atlantic island, but do not let this fool you. It has a big history, a lot of charm, personality, and pink-sand beaches that are breathtaking. You will find a lot of aquatic adventure here, shipwreck scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and even cliff jumping. Moreover, for foodies, there is a lot of amazing food to explore, starting with mouthwatering fish chowder. You can easily book apartments and hotels depending on your budget.

There is no need to stop at just these amazing travel destinations of 2018. There are more places worth exploring, so get your bags ready and embark on a great adventure.

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