Tips on Using Social Media Outreach to Boost Your Website Traffic

One of the most compelling reasons for you to be on social media is to drive users to your site to encourage conversions and boost sales revenues. Social media is very good for engaging with customers and building relationships that can be capitalized profitably for business. Social media enables business owners and brand managers to engage on a one-to-one-basis with conversations that are more powerful and personal. Some useful tips on how you can boost your web traffic with the help of social media:

Employ Industry Buzzwords

Identify the keywords that are very important for an effective marketing campaign in your industry then choose a monitoring tool to keep track on their usage. When your social media followers envisage any interest, you can use the opportunity to interact with them and display your responsiveness to things that are evidently important to them. Even though monitoring customer feedback and offering customer support do not directly drive website traffic, they leave a positive impact that helps to encourage website visits. It is a great investment for business success in the long-term.

Offer Freebies or Discounts

Everybody loves something for free or at a really huge discount so providing something that is valuable at no cost or very little cost on social media channels invariably proves to be a good website traffic generation technique. In fact, due to the huge user base of social media, these channels are the best way of drawing attention to your offer and raising interest in your website. However, as in all marketing and sales promotion activities, promoting the offer on a random basis will not work. You will need to define your target audience, understand their preferences, and know the times that they are more active on their social media accounts for the promotion to be successful.

On some platforms like Facebook, you may be able to get better results with advertising instead of organic reach; however, trying paid advertising should be done only when organic reach is not working. To be successful, your offer should be something that is perceived to be truly valuable; else, it will be ignored. You can even try stormlikes for buying Instagram likes.

Promote Blog Content

Promoting your blog content on social media is possibly the best way of driving traffic to your website. Make it a point to promote your blogs every time you publish a new one. Promoting it will generally take up more of your time than it had taken to write it so you need to smart about it. By researching your audience profile and their needs, you can create blogs that are valuable to them. However, be careful not to be overly aggressive or spam your followers.


The key to generating traffic for your website from social media is knowing your audience intimately and what they want, like or dislike, and what their aspirations are. You need to ensure that you can attract their attention and convert their interest to a website visit by the use of a compelling offer and a strong CTA.

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