Touchscreen Whiteboards – A Growing Necessity for Every Growing Industry

The use of interactive whiteboards is increasing exponentially. It is no more a question of what field requires this newfangled technology. The truth is, there is hardly a field that doesn’t.

Touchscreen Whiteboards

Touchscreen Whiteboards in Education:

Smartboards have and continue to transform the classroom experience all across the field of education. Be it preschool or university, educators are using smartboards to create an interactive and interesting environment, much distinct from the earlier traditional classroom setting. Interactive touchscreen whiteboards now allow students to learn through engaging activities that involve the use of online digital media. Blended learning is a growing concept for schools worldwide, involving the integration of teacher instruction with online engagement in a way that enriches the learning process, guaranteeing better understanding.

Students and teachers alike, can now write, draw, and highlight anything on the screen, whether it’s a personalized document or an image picked up from google. Smartboards also allow multiple users to write at the same time. This means they can play games, make notes, present ideas, point out important or difficult areas, and so much more that a classroom environment accounts for, all on one screen. This hands-on approach to learning makes education not only fun, but much more effective.

Interactive whiteboards now also include the most advanced educational software known to technology, creating a wave of transformation in the world of education. With applications designed specifically to facilitate lesson planning and implementation, this software caters to all teacher requirements.

Touchscreen Whiteboards in Businesses:

Educational institutes are not alone in upgrading themselves in terms of technology. The corporate world has seen a myriad of advantages, using touchscreen whiteboards in conference rooms and shared spaces. Business meetings are no more seen as affairs that are mandatory to attend in person, as long as members are tuned in via video conferencing system, or the Smart Kapp App.

Corporate officials are finding it growingly useful to share ideas on a collaborative platform, where everyone can provide input digitally. This way, people are seen to be less hesitant to speak up, due to the fact that they are allowed to speak at the same time as others. Also, contributing virtually maintains individual anonymity, encouraging the quiet ones to share their bright ideas as well.

Brainstorming sessions have become much more engaging with the use of interactive whiteboards. Owing to the software allowing up to four people to write at the same time, there is a spontaneous flow of ideas, and a healthy overlap of visual discussions. The annotation tool is another favorite feature of business officials, enabling them to pick up images straight from the internet and write over them as they discuss their next ground breaking idea.

Touchscreen Whiteboards in Healthcare:

Interactive touchscreens have been assisting healthcare professionals to share, save and update patient information. Multiple doctors involved in the treatment of one patient have the advantage of obtaining updated information on a shared platform.

Brainstorming sessions are made to be so much more efficient than ever before, with the use of touchscreen whiteboards, including software that enables multiple users to provide simultaneous, overlapping input, as well as the ability to use the same screen to browse the internet for research, and transport images or other content onto the screen. These features also prove to be useful in training sessions that are carried out throughout the formative years of all medical professionals.

With patient information stored collectively on a shared platform, easily accessible to all concerned users, administrative tasks take up much less time than they used to. Patient admission and discharge information, which was previously recorded manually into files and then onto department specific computer software, are now saved on a collaborative space, accessible to all relevant personnel on their own electronic devices.

It is safe to say, it won’t be long before touchscreen whiteboards will no more be the new thing. They will be the sure thing.

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