Upcoming Trends of Technology in Cleaning Industry

Cleaning Industry
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We are living in a dynamic world, right? Technology change can be attributed to almost all the changes in the way many industries operate. New technology simplifies things and saves the cost of production and labor. Since technological advancement cuts across all the industrial sectors, the cleaning industry is also affected. New developments are made on a daily basis and they all aims at ensuring that hygienic conditions are reached and maintained. These developments range from tender acquisition procedures to the good vacuum steam mops that are currently being used by many cleaning industries. Let’s review some of the technologies that cleaning industries will have to adopt. 

  • Online Tender Solutions. Many cleaning companies still follow the long and strenuous procedure when acquiring tenders. Online tendering system has not been adopted by many companies except for the one and only cleanconnect.com.au which uses a live online tendering system. This tendering system allows the cleaning company to submit their tender to several companies at the same time in a simple way. Other cleaning companies will have to adopt this tendering system as it is simple and time-saving.
  • Traffic-Based Pricing. This is an automated and intelligent method of pricing. The system will be programmed in such a way that it can vary the cleaning price depending on the traffic in the store. If the traffic is high, a higher price is set and vice versa.This pricing system will be specifically useful in laundry cleaning industry. The system will even be able to compare the prices from the nearby stores and depending on the traffic, it will set a convenient price for potential customers. This system promises a more competitive cleaning industry and hence better services.
  • Automated Cleaning Machines. Automation is becoming the new order of the day. In cleaning industry, automation started few years back and currently we have some automatic machines such as the floor cleaner and the window cleaner. This is a great development but its negligible compared to what we expect to happen in some years to come. We expect to have automated good steam mops and even fully autonomous cleaning machines that can clean even the most significant cracks. Automated cleaning machines will definitely mark a new era in the cleaning industry.
  • Automated scheduled cleaning. This is another upcoming trend that is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the cleaning industry. This will be specifically useful in areas that need periodic cleaning. Some of these areas include toilets especially the public toilets. These toilets are attended by many people and hygiene has to be maintained.The system can be programed to flush the toilet several times every times the toilet is attended. In this way, cleanliness will be maintained in a simple way. Many cleaning companies are adopting this system and in some years to come, all cleaning companies will have to accommodate it.
  • Green cleaning. Environmental conservation has been and is still a concern in all industrial sectors. All the products used in the cleaning industry must protect the environment and also the human health. Innovators are using the new technology to come up with environmental-friendly products to be used in the cleaning industry. This is another upcoming trend that should be embraced by all the cleaning companies.

As you have seen, the future of the cleaning industry is promising. In about ten years to come, almost everything in the cleaning industry will be automated.The future promises a high level of hygiene which will be implemented with a high level of simplicity. Its upon us now to think and come up with solutions to problems facing the cleaning industry.


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