How To Use Reiki And Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals

Rose quartz to heal:

A pink “tip” is used. The ideal tip is double; on the one hand it is sharp to concentrate the energy and on the other, rounded to allow a massage.

Sharp point:

When the sharp point is used, the purpose is to focus the energy in a concentrated point. It is ideal when you need to heal a part of the body where the pain or ailment is concentrated in a small area.

Examples are rule pains (ovaries) otitis (the ear) or in the knees, where the joints are small.


You open a session (according to level) and hold the tip as if it were an extension of your hand (see diagram) directing the sharp part towards the area to be treated. In the example a rule pain is being treated. Do not press with the tip, as it may disturb the patient. If your arm gets tired, you can use the other to hold the hand.

With practice, you will notice where you have to put the crystal for maximum effectiveness since you will “feel” where the energy is directed.

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Round Tip

When using the rounded tip, the purpose is to perform a gentle massage whose effects are amplified by combining the healing energy with the effect of massage. It is ideal for inflammations, sprains, fibromyalgia etc. It should be used with caution on a wound or where the skin surface is inflamed.


You open a session (according to level) and hold the tip as if it were an extension of your hand (see diagram) posing the rounded part on the area to be treated. You exert a slight pressure and move the tip in small circles over the area, or if the area is linear (a tendon, for example) up and down.

Again, with practice your intuition will tell you where the tip has to go to work better. Sometimes you can use a massage oil, if conditions are right.

Quartz to protect an environment or ourselves:

Types of glass to protect environments

Any type of crystal can serve to protect an environment, white, pink, green, transparent or even sodalite quartz (see images).

It works in the following way: A crystal is like a battery, it is charged with energy and that energy is discharged into the environment BUT always keep in mind the following, a crystal can be charged with ANY energy; in fact, they are used in black magic.

In addition, once a crystal has discharged Reiki energy, it begins to charge automatically with the energy that is in the environment. Therefore, if you are in a “hostile” environment, you will be charged with that energy.

For this reason, it is essential to exercise good “energy hygiene” with the crystals (see cleaning section).

In the photos, there are some examples of the types of crystals that can be used to protect an environment.

Procedure: You place

The crystal in a place where you want to “release” the energy of Reiki in the environment. That glass should not be touched (see cleaning section) by other people, so at work, put it in a place away from other people. My partner, for example, has his crystal in the space between his chest of drawers and the desk in his office.

You open a session of Reiki (according to level) and hold the glass with both hands to load it. Then, when it’s loaded, you put it in its place.


– The time and frequency of loading a crystal can only be determined intuitively. It depends on the environment (if your home is quiet and free of “fights” a crystal can last a week, for example) and the size of the glass. In case of doubt, a minimum of 15 minutes of loading every day.

Quartz jewelry

Pendants and other jewelry are not only attractive but can provide a degree of protection if they are loaded with Reiki. BUT, again, they are susceptible to absorbing any energy in the environment once they have been discharged of Reiki energy.


You open a session (according to level) and hold the glass by cupping both hands with the pendant in the hole to load it.

Quartz Pendulums

Are used to “interrogate” our inner selves and to check the state of an organ or chakra.

Personally, I think they should not be used frequently because we tend to abandon our own intuition and depend on external forms, in this case a pendulum.

However, they can be useful as confirmation of something we have intuited.


First, the pendulum must be “trained”. This consists of finding out in what way it says “yes” and in what way it says “no”, since it usually varies from person to person.

You put the pendulum as in the image and say “yes, yes, yes, yes,” etc. until the pendulum moves. That movement is “yes”. You repeat the process, this time saying “no, no, no, no” until it moves again in another direction.

Once trained, it can be used as in the image, placing it on a chakra and seeing if it moves.

Note: One problem that occurs is that if the pendulum says “yes” on top of a chakra, you have to find out if the “if” means that it is okay or if it needs to be treated! With experience, it is ascertained.

Other ideas:

Quartz as a gift:

It is a nice idea to buy a crystal, load it with Reiki and give it to someone else. That crystal will discharge the Energy that you have given in the environment where the other person places it. But you should always explain to the person the rules about the use of crystals (see below).

Quartz for “delayed healing”.

When I have patients in clinics and hospitals who may need Reiki in hours when I cannot visit, I usually give them a pink quartz tip, previously charged by me. If you feel discomfort, for example at night, just remove the quartz and apply it. The next day or during my next visit, I clean it and charge it and leave it with the patient again. So that it does not lose its load, I put it in a dark cloth bag.

Energy Hygiene and cleaning of quartz crystals

It is always important to keep in mind that crystals do not have “intelligence” and can be charged with any type of energy. For this reason, it is essential to treat them with respect and practice proper energy hygiene when using them.

Your crystal is personal and non-transferable. Do not let someone else manipulate you or touch you. When you are not using it, store it in a dark cloth or a cloth bag. In fact, if you want to keep your load, saving it in this way will prevent the crystal from being discharged.

When a crystal is discharged from the Reiki energy

When a crystal has discharged the energy that you gave it, it begins to charge with any energy. This means that if you have a crystal discharged hanging from your neck jewel type, if you are in a public place will be charged with all the energy that is around him. If the pendant is resting on your thyroid gland, as is usually the case, it is not very healthy!

Also, if a crystal is in a hostile environment, once the Reiki energy is discharged, it will begin to charge for that harmful energy.

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